Veritas vcs-279 practice test

Administration of Veritas NetBackup 8.1.2 andNetBackup Appliances 3.1 Exam

Question 1

What is the primary purpose of implementing load balancing media servers with NetBackup
A. to distribute the deduplication storage and increase the overall capacity of the MSDP pool
B. to offload the deduplication processing and reduce the network impact on the appliance
C. to offload the deduplication processing and reduce the CPU and RAM requirement on the
D. to distribute the deduplication processing and increase the rehydration performance when
restoring data


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Question 2

Which action is performed by the NetBackup deduplication plug-in?

  • A. writing data segments into the MSDP containers
  • B. processing MSDP transaction logs
  • C. performing file fingerprinting actions
  • D. performing queue processing


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Question 3

An administrator is configuring a new device and receives the following error message:
Unable to determine robot type
What are two possible solutions? (Choose two.)

  • A. download a new device_mapping file from the Veritas Support website
  • B. ensure the tape drive is closed and ready for use
  • C. perform a rescan of the available tape drives
  • D. verify compatibility for the library with NetBackup
  • E. select the correct device type for the drives


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Question 4

Backups to a storage device fail with the following error message:
Disk storage server is down (2106)
The storage server is an OpenStorage (OST) host, and the master server and media server are both
acting as media servers under Credentials > Storage Servers in the NetBackup Administration
Console. The disk pool is in an Up state and the storage server is in a Down state. Troubleshooting
confirmed the OST plug-ins on the servers are mismatched.
Which command should an administrator use to check the plug-in version installed on the servers?

  • A. bpgetconfig
  • B. nbemmcmd
  • C. nbdevquery
  • D. bpstsinfo


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Question 5

Which communication protocol and port does the Appliance Management Server use to
communicate with Appliance Management agents?

  • A. https (443)
  • B. http (80)
  • C. https (8443)
  • D. http (8080)


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Question 6

A NetBackup environment with a single tape storage unit is experiencing performance issues when
running full backups of a Windows file server with over a million small files. Backups for all other
clients on the same network are performing adequately.
What should the administrator modify to improve performance for the client?

  • A. enable Windows Change Journal
  • B. modify data buffer settings for the data path
  • C. enable the Use Accelerator policy attribute
  • D. use Flashbackup-Windows policy type


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Question 7

Which port is used by Smart Meter?

  • A. 22
  • B. 443
  • C. 1556
  • D. 21


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Question 8

Refer to the exhibit.
A backup policy uses a Full backup schedule with a schedule type of Frequency: 1 days. The start
window for the schedule is configured as shown in the exhibit:

The administrator runs a manual backup at 10:00 on Thursday.
When will the next backup run, if all prior backups completed successfully?

  • A. Friday at 2:00
  • B. Friday at 10:00
  • C. Monday at 2:00
  • D. Monday at 1:00


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Question 9

A new storage shelf is added to an existing appliance.
Which command under Manage > Storage must the administrator perform first after a new shelf is
connected to the appliance and the appliance is powered on?

  • A. Add
  • B. Scan
  • C. Resize
  • D. Edit


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Question 10

An administrator wants to look at configuration information: status, drivers loaded, port and device
information and connections to remote appliances for all Fibre Channel HBAs installed on an
Which NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu (CLISH) command should the administrator use to display
the information?

  • A. Monitor > Hardware ShowHealth Fibrechannel
  • B. Manage > FibreChannel > Scan
  • C. Manage > FibreChannel > Show
  • D. Manage > FiberChannel > Statistics


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