Veritas vcs-278 practice test

Administration of Veritas NetBackup 8.1.2 Exam

Question 1

Refer to the Exhibit.
An administrator is trying to access client properties on the NetBackup Administration Console and
receives the following message:

When checking the services on the master server, the administrator sees that the PBX service is
Which two commands can the administrator use to increase the PBX log level to determine the
reason for the message above? (Choose two.)

  • A. vxlogcfg
  • B. pbxcfg
  • C. vxpbx_exchanged
  • D. pbx_exchange
  • E. vxlogmgr



Question 2

Refer to the exhibit.
Two media servers, sharing a library with 6 tape drives, exist in the NetBackup environment
displayed in the exhibit. Both weekly Full and daily Differential Incremental backups need to run for
the clients and each schedule has a different retention period. Because of network topology, some
clients back up to Media server 1 and some back up to Media server 2. The environment suffers from
multiple status 96 failures during the backup window.

How can the administrator minimize the number of failures?

  • A. increase the “Media unmount delay”
  • B. configure media multiplexing
  • C. enable backups to span tape media
  • D. enable media sharing



Question 3

Refer to the exhibit.
A backup job configured with a retention level of 2 and Policy volume pool set to the
server_tapes is failing due to status code 96: Unable to allocate new media for backup. See the
output of the available_media command below:

Which task in the NetBackup Administration Console should the administrator perform to resolve the
status code 96 error?

  • A. Change volume C11201 to the “scratch_pool" volume pool
  • B. Change volume E02002 to the “scratch_pool” volume pool
  • C. Unfreeze volume E02004 in the “server_tapes” volume pool
  • D. Change volume E02003 to the “scratch_pool” volume pool



Question 4

A NetBackup environment suffers from intermittent network outages between the MSDP media
server and clients during the backup window. This results in multiple backup failures.
How should an administrator overcome the backup failure issue?

  • A. configure client-side deduplication
  • B. increase the CR_STATS_TIMER interval
  • C. enable network resiliency
  • D. increase the client connect timeout



Question 5

Which NetBackup components can be updated with VxUpdate?

  • A. media servers
  • B. media servers and master servers
  • C. clients
  • D. media servers and clients




Question 6

An administrator has a job that has failed. Upon reviewing the Detailed Status tab for the job, the
administrator sees the following information:

Which setting value prevented the job from running during the backup window?

  • A. the Global Attributes > “Maximum jobs per client” master server host property
  • B. the Timeouts > “Client read timeout” master server host property
  • C. the “Maximum concurrent jobs” storage unit setting
  • D. the “Limit jobs per policy” policy setting



Question 7

Which schedule type is unsupported for a NetBackup catalog backup policy?

  • A. Full backup with an “After each backup session” schedule
  • B. Cumulative Incremental backup with an “After each backup session” schedule
  • C. Differential Incremental backup with a “Frequency” schedule
  • D. Differential Incremental backup with a “Calendar” schedule




Question 8

Which two prerequisites must an administrator perform to allow restoration of individual objects and
attributes in Active Directory? (Choose two.)

  • A. install the NetBackup File System daemon (nbfsd) on the client
  • B. choose the “Enable granular recovery” option in the policy
  • C. choose the “Use Accelerator” option in the policy
  • D. choose the FlashBackup-Windows policy type
  • E. enable the Network File System (NFS) on the client



Question 9

Which information is validated during an image verification operation?

  • A. data on the master server is validated with data in the NetBackup catalog
  • B. data on the client is validated with data in the NetBackup catalog
  • C. data on the backup storage is validated with data in the NetBackup catalog
  • D. data on the client and the backup storage is validated with data in the NetBackup catalog



Question 10

An MSDP media server is experiencing performance issues when running multiple deduplication
backup jobs concurrently over 10 GbE. When switched to AdvancedDisk on the same media server,
the backups perform well.
Which step can be utilized to mitigate the performance issues?

  • A. increase the “Maximum concurrent jobs” for the MSDP storage unit
  • B. increase the size of the MSDP disk pool on the storage server
  • C. add load balancing media servers for the storage server
  • D. increase the “Job priority” on the MSDP backup policy


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