SUSE sca-sles15 practice test

SUSE Certified Administrator in SUSE LinuxEnterprise Server 15 Exam

Question 1

Which statement is true regarding VFS?

  • A. VFS is a set of ANs designed for BtrFS to provide portability.
  • B. VFS is a high-performance journaling file system format used by default by YaST and parted.
  • C. VFS is an abstraction layer in the kernel that provides the same interface to applications and the user, regardless of which file system format is used.
  • D. VFS is a translation layer to allow applications written for ext2 and ReiserFS to run on ext4 file systems.
  • E. VFS is a translation layer to allow applications to run on mobile platforms.



Question 2

Which file lists each user's home directory and login shell?

  • A. /etc/sysconfig/homedir
  • B. /var/userenv
  • C. /var/sysconf/userenv
  • D. /var/9hare/userenv
  • E. /etc/password
  • F. /etc/passwd



Question 3

Which commands can display the groups of which a user is a member? (Choose two)

  • A. groups
  • B. whoami -g
  • C. whoami
  • D. finger
  • E. id



Question 4

In the scripts subdirectory under your home directory there is a file named You want to
set an Extended ACL so thejsmith user has all permissions to just this file. Which command will
accomplish this?

  • A. setacl -a user:jsmith:rwx -/scripts/
  • B. extacl -a user=jsmith:rwx -/scripts/
  • C. modacl user=jsmith:rwx -/scripts/
  • D. setfacl -m u:jsmith:rwx -/scripts/

A, B


Question 5

What does the following command allow you to do? alias endear"

  • A. You can type clear to run the c command.
  • B. You can type c to run the clear command.
  • C. Nothing, since there is not a command named alias.
  • D. It launches a second Login Shell and allows you to rename the clear command to just c.
  • E. It allows you to rename the clear command to just c and then deletes the clear command.



Question 6

You're setting up a SUES 15 server which will require very large data volumes and journaling
capabilities. Which file system listed below would be the best choice for your data volumes?

  • A. VFAT
  • B. XFS
  • C. Ext2
  • D. ReiserFS
  • E. Ext3



Question 7

firewalld maintains two separate configurations. What are they named? (Choose two)

  • A. Runtime
  • B. Temporary
  • C. Production
  • D. Permanent
  • E. Static
  • F. Testing
  • G. Fixed


Firewalld uses two separated configuration sets, runtime, and permanent configuration.
The runtime configuration is the actual running configuration and it is not persistent on reboots.
When the firewalld service starts it loads the permanent configuration which becomes the runtime


Question 8

Assume you need to make the third menu entry of your GRUB2 boot menu your default menu
selection. What tasks must be completed to accomplish this? (Choose two)

  • A. Run the grub2-mkconfig command
  • B. Edit the /etc/default/grub file and set GRUB_DEFAULX to 2
  • C. Run the mkinitrd command
  • D. Edit /etc/grub2/custom.cfg and set GRUB_MENU to3
  • E. Edit the /boot/grub2/menu.cfg file and set MENU_DEFAULT to 3
  • F. Run the systemctl reload systemd command

A, D


Question 9

What does the term "action* mean when referring to system logging in SUSE Linux Enterprise?

  • A. An action defines where a log message ends up such as in a regular file or database table.
  • B. An action is used to define the severity of a log message.
  • C. An action is used to filter out desired log messages for processing.
  • D. An action is a process that the issuing facility must go through before issuing the log message.



Question 10

Which statements are true regarding a daemon? (Choose three)

  • A. A daemon process is associated to the system terminal.
  • B. A daemon process is associated to the user that launched the process.
  • C. A daemon will wait for some event to occur to trigger action on the part of the daemon.
  • D. A daemon process is launched by the system.
  • E. A daemon process is not associated with a terminal or a graphical environment.
  • F. The user that launched the daemon will control what the daemon does based on the user's input.


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