SAP e-bw4hana207 practice test

SAP Certified Application Specialist ? SAP BW/4HANA 2.0 Delta Exam

Question 1

What do the Remote Conversion approach and the Shell Conversion approach have in common?
Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.

  • A. Both approaches uninstall the unsupported BW Add-ons from the sending BW system as the first activity
  • B. Both approaches convert unsupported object types during import into the new SAP BW/4HANA system
  • C. Both approaches result in a SAP BW/4HANA system which has a new system ID
  • D. Both approaches require the SAP BW/4HANA Starter Add-on to be installed on the sending system
  • E. Both approaches are setup by installing required SAP notes via the SAP BW Notes Analyzer

B, C, E


Question 2

Which features have been removed from SAP BW/4HANA compared to SAP BW powered by SAP
HANA? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

  • A. Analysis Process Designer (TC: RSANWB)
  • B. Analysis Authorizations (TC: RSECADMIN)
  • C. Customer Exit variable using RSR00001 (TC: CMOD)
  • D. Modeling option of secondary indices for DataStore objects (advanced)

A, C


Question 3

What is a valid data target in an SAPMHANA Analysis Process without using a Data Trasfer Process?

  • A. DataStore object (advanced)
  • B. InfoObject with Attributes
  • C. SAP HANA Database Table
  • D. CompositeProvider



Question 4

What is a valid reason to run the program RODPS_OS_EXPOSE?

  • A. To use an SAP ABAP CDS View for ODP
  • B. To have an overview of ODP Consumers of a DataSource
  • C. To release a costomer developed DataSource for ODP
  • D. To investigate extractor logic in an SAP delivered DataSource For ODP



Question 5

A customer uses an SAP BW 7.5 system powered by SAP HANA with the SAP BW/4HANA Starter
The system mode is set to ""B4H mode"". How will the system be affected?

  • A. 3.x Data Flows can still be used if they are registered in the whitelist
  • B. Semantically Partitioned Objects (SPOs) can be maintainedwith the SAP BW/4HANA Modeling U Tools
  • C. SAP BW/4HANA Modeling Tools are needed to maintain BW Queries
  • D. MultiProviders are automatically converted into CompositeProviders



Question 6

You enable a DataStore object (advanced) for reporting by switching on the ""External SAP HANA
view"" flag in the settings.
Which authorizations are used when you consume the generated SAP HANA view directly?

  • A. The generated analytic privileges in SAP HANA
  • B. The authorizations for the HDI container access in SAP HANA
  • C. The combination of the generated analytic privileges in SAP HANA and the analysis authorizations in SAP BW/4HANA
  • D. The analysis authorizations in SAP BW/4HANA



Question 7

You use an Open Hub Destination to distribute SAP BW/4HANA data to a table managed by an SAP
Which technologies can be used? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

  • A. Operational Data Provisioning (ODP)
  • B. Database Connection (DBCON)
  • C. Smart Data Access (SDA)
  • D. Remote Function Call (RFC)

C, D


Question 8

From an SAP BW/4HANA perspective, what is the difference between SAP HANA Smart Data Access
(SDA) and SAP HANA Smart Data Integration (SID)? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this

  • A. SDI provides options for data replication in real-time, while SDA does NOT provide this capability.
  • B. SDA is integrates into the SAP HANA Indexserver while you need to setup an additional SAP 1-1 HANA Data Provisioning server for SDI
  • C. SAP BW/4HANA DataSources of source system type "SAP HANA" can connect to SDA sources, U but NOT to SDI sources.
  • D. SAP BW/4HANA Open ODS View can be modelled on SDI sources, but NOT on SDA sources.

B, D


Question 9

Why do you use the ' "Enhanced Master Data Update"" setting in the definition of an InfoObject?
Note: there are 2 correct answers to this question.

  • A. To enable parallel loading
  • B. To enable transitive attributes
  • C. To enable delta capability
  • D. To enable XXL attributes

A, C


Question 10

Which transformation rules do support SAP HANA Runtime? Note: There are 3 correct answers to
this question.

  • A. ABAP end routine
  • B. SQL procedure in an SAP HANA FlowGraph
  • C. ABAP Field rountine
  • D. SQL script field routine
  • E. Lookup from DataStore object (advanced)

A, D, E

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