SAP c-tfin22-67 practice test

SAP Certified Application Associate - Management Accounting with SAP Exam

Question 1

You have completed the basic configuration of SAP Solution Manager and defined the solution
landscape. Which of the following scenarios will work without further configuration steps? (Choose

  • A. Business Process and Interface Monitoring
  • B. Early Watch Alert
  • C. Change Request Management
  • D. Maintenance Optimizer

B, D


Question 2

A customer uses sales order-related manufacturing processes and wants to settle these orders at
period-end closing to CO-P

  • A. Automatically provide a strategy sequence for the settlement parameters of the sales order.
  • B. Derive the distribution rule from the "PA transfer structure" of CO-PA.
  • C. Determine the distribution rule from the assigned account assignment category.
  • D. Enter the number of the profitability segment instead of the characteristics combination.



Question 3

A company wants to use Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) to obtain an early analysis of their anticipated
profits. Which functionality provides the best results?

  • A. Transfer the plan balance data from Fl to account-based CO-PA and use record type "F" for analysis.
  • B. Analyze sales quotation as a detail value.
  • C. Transfer the plan data from the "Sales and operation planning" to costing-based CO-PA and use record type "P" for analysis.
  • D. Transfer sales orders and quotations from SD to costing-based CO-PA and use record type "A" for analysis.
  • E. Transfer sales orders and quotations from SD to account-based CO-PA and use record type "F" for analysis.



Question 4

What must be included in a bill of material in maintenance? (Choose three)

  • A. Object number
  • B. Quantity
  • C. Account assignment
  • D. Capital consumption per time period
  • E. Unit of measure

A, B, E


Question 5

When settling an investment order for an unfinished asset, the customer, by law, needs to settle the
order to an asset under construction (AuC).
How can this be accomplished in the system?

  • A. Set up an appropriate investment reason and a threshold for scale level and assign both to the order.
  • B. Set up an assessment cycle to allocate the costs of the investment order to the previously created AuC.
  • C. Assign a settlement rule to AuC directly to the position of the investment program.
  • D. Set up the investment profile to use the AuC of a certain asset class and assign it to the used order type.



Question 6

On what does SAP Early Watch Alert report?
(Choose two)

  • A. System configuration
  • B. Business processes
  • C. Performance trending
  • D. Hardware failures

A, C


Question 7

Identify the steps in the ASAP methodology. (Select five)

  • A. Roll out
  • B. Realization
  • C. Final Preparation
  • D. Project Preparation
  • E. Business Blueprint
  • F. Go live & Support

B, C, D, E, F


Question 8

Many of a company's customers regularly pay less than is charged on their bills, or fail to pay their
bills at all. Along with normal dunning letters, the company uses a manual, not IT-based process, to
track and resolve these cases.
Which application would you recommend to improve the processing of accounts receivable and to
reduce outstanding invoices?

  • A. SAP Cash Management
  • B. SAP Credit Management
  • C. SAP Billing Consolidation
  • D. SAP Collections and SAP Dispute Management



Question 9

What is the maximum number of function modules you can assign to a single follow-up action for the
usage decision in the Implementation Guide (IMG)?

  • A. Zero
  • B. Ninety-nine
  • C. Unlimited
  • D. One



Question 10

What options are provided by SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) when creating financial reports?
(Choose two)

  • A. You can display an analysis in Microsoft Access using the Business Explorer viewer.
  • B. You can display an analysis on the Web using Enterprise Portal and BEx Web Analyzer.
  • C. You can convert a Microsoft Excel pivot table query into an SAP BW report.
  • D. You can export a Web report to a BEx Web Analyzer report.

B, D

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