SAP c-fsutil-60 practice test

SAP Certified Associate - Utilities with SAP ERP Exam

Question 1

A contract account has multiple services including deregulated electricity, gas, water, and waste
The joint invoicing indicators are set on the contracts as follows:

Electric Distribution = 1 (must),

Electric Supply = 1 (must),

Gas = 3 (must not),

Water = 2 (can),

Waste Water = 2 (can).
How many invoices are produced when you execute the invoice process if billing documents exist for
the Electric Distribution, Gas, and Water services?

  • A. 3
  • B. 2
  • C. 1
  • D. 0



Question 2

A utility company bills monthly, and considers any billing period that has a length of 25-35 days to be
a normal monthly bill.
Where would you enter the interval so that when interval-based period control is selected, the
billing engine considers the billing period length when determining the rate step calculation?

  • A. In the fact value
  • B. In the price key
  • C. In the meter reading unit
  • D. In the portion



Question 3

Which data is maintained on contract account level? (Choose three)

  • A. Payment terms
  • B. Creditworthiness
  • C. Individual dunning procedures
  • D. Bank accounts
  • E. Interest key

A, C, E


Question 4

How can you prevent dunning for a specific account?

  • A. Assign bank details on the business partner.
  • B. Assign the direct debit outgoing payment method on the contract account.
  • C. Assign an alternative dunning recipient on the contract account.
  • D. Assign the direct debit incoming payment method on the contract account.



Question 5

You are attempting to create master data to test the billing process. When you perform a full
installation for the device, you must input the rate type for each billing-relevant register. You enter a
valid value in the rate field and choose enter.
Why might the system return an error message and prevent you from saving?

  • A. The device can only be installed as billing-relevant.
  • B. The rate type is configured as facts permissible.
  • C. The device is actually a device info record.
  • D. A reference value exists on the installation.



Question 6

How could you change the billing date for a single customer without adjusting the meter reading

  • A. Change the schedule record.
  • B. Change the alternative portion.
  • C. Change the portion.
  • D. Change the parameter record.



Question 7

You are operating in a deregulated market where a single service provider (ACME Service Provider)
has multiple roles: measure grid usage and send bills to customers.
What can you conclude about ACME Service Provider's role within this market?

  • A. The role will contain a Service Provider agreement to support sending bills to customers.
  • B. The role will exist as the Service Provider and Invoice Service Provider on each supply contract.
  • C. The role will be created as division independent to support its multiple roles.
  • D. The role will be mapped to multiple service types to support measuring grid usage.



Question 8

Within the document display transaction, you find a document with one item that has 12 repetition
Which documents can create this situation? (Choose three)

  • A. A budget billing document
  • B. A manual posting document
  • C. A consumption billing document
  • D. An installment plan document
  • E. A promise-to-pay document

A, B, D


Question 9

Dunning procedure A1 is defined with two levels, 01 and 02. Level 01 has a dunning frequency of 1
day and days in arrears of 7. Level 02 has a dunning frequency of 5 days and days in arrears of 17. A
customer has an open item due on June 5 and was dunned to level 01 on June 12.
If dunning is executed every day, on which date will level 02 be reached?

  • A. June 29
  • B. June 19
  • C. June 22
  • D. June 13



Question 10

Which objects are maintained in both SAP CRM and SAP ERP? (Choose two)

  • A. Contract account
  • B. FICA document
  • C. Point of delivery
  • D. Installation

A, C

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