SAP c-bw4hana-24 practice test

SAP Certified Application Associate - Reporting, Modeling and Data Acquisition with SAP BW/4HANA 2.x Exam

Question 1

you create a new sap hana remote connection. How does sap hana smart data access(SDA) differ
from sap hana smart data integration(SDI)? (2 answer)

  • A. SDI is recommended for data source with limited changesin data structure SDA contains features to act as a full blown ETL tool"
  • B. SDI supports data replication in real time SDA does not provide this capability"
  • C. SDI requires an additional sap hana data provisioning server SDA is integrated in the sap hana index server"
  • D. SDI is used only for sap hana native apps the SDA interface is used for sap bw/4hana models"

A, B


Question 2

you loaded a 5 mb table from a non sap source system to sap bw/4han
a. How do you explain that the size of the table is reduce to 1 mb?

  • A. the target is defined as a row store without delta merge execution
  • B. the target is defined as a column store and a delta merge was executed
  • C. the target is defined as a column store without delta merge execution
  • D. the target is defined as a row store and a delta merge was executed



Question 3

which are the additional tables for the enhanced master data update for the characteristic with
technical name material? (3 answer)

  • A. /bic/ematerial
  • B. /bic/fmaterial
  • C. /bic/hmaterial
  • D. /bic/gmaterial
  • E. /bic/pmaterial

A, B, D


Question 4

what must you do if you want to use an object from business content in sap bw/4hana?

  • A. activate the object in data warehousing workbench
  • B. identify the business content object in sap hana studio
  • C. copy the business content object into customer name space
  • D. convert the object from A version to D version



Question 5

For which business requirement do you suggest an SAP BW/4HANA modeling focus rather than an
SAP HANA modeling focus? (2 answer)

  • A. Report on harmonized set of master data
  • B. Leverage SQL in house knowledge
  • C. Enhance existing SAP HANA content models
  • D. Load snapshots or deltas from different source on a periodic basis

C, D


Question 6

what is the effect of using the RODPS_REPL_TEST program to test sap erp operational data
provisioning (ODP) data source? (2 answer)

  • A. the reset delta fuction affects all ODP delta queues
  • B. the program behaves as an additional subscriber
  • C. the program behaves like the sap rsa3 extractor checker
  • D. the application data is physically written to the queue

B, D


Question 7

which advantages can you leveragewhile importing data into a new sap hana table using a flat file? (2

  • A. adjustement for column, type, lenght, and name is possible
  • B. easiness of loading
  • C. trasformation capabilities
  • D. availability of delta logic

A, C


Question 8

"You created two structures that are defined without key figures. Afterwards, you use both structures
in your query definition. How many key figures can the query contain?"

  • A. Exactly two key figures
  • B. Up to 10 key figures
  • C. Any number of key figures
  • D. Exactly one key figures



Question 9

you need to use a graphical calculation view with the dimension data category. Which constraint

  • A. only time dependent attributes are considered
  • B. default node aggregation is required
  • C. only different record will be visible
  • D. the output cannot be used by other calculation view, only in reporting



Question 10

To gather the requirements for data model design, which is the logical sequence? (indico solo la
risposta corretta)

  • A. a
  • B. Reporting requirment Source of data Trasformation Storage requirement


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