SAP c-arsor-2202 practice test

SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Ariba Sourcing Exam

Question 1

Who benefits from the online communication in SAP Ariba Sourcing?

  • A. Sourcing stakeholders
  • B. Requisitioners
  • C. Sourcing managers;
  • D. Invoice managers
  • E. Suppliers;

A, C, E


Question 2

Your client wants to create automated approvals using the Sourcing Process Design Matrix workbook.
Which fields are required within the workbook?

  • A. User ^V
  • B. Condition;
  • C. Group
  • D. Project group

B, D


Question 3

During a design session, a customer asks if it is possible to modify the help tip text for header fields
in multiple languages. What is the correct advice?

  • A. Custom help tip txt are available for all header fields but translation is NOT supported
  • B. Custom help tip txt are available for most standard header fields and all custom fields and translation is supported
  • C. Custom help tip txt are available for all custom header fields but translation is NOT supported
  • D. Custom help tip txt are only available for standard header fields but translation is supported



Question 4

What interface can pass sourcing requests from an SAP ERP purchasing system to SAP Ariba

  • A. Web services
  • B. HTTP requests
  • C. Ul import/export
  • D. Ariba Network



Question 5

What can a Designated Support Contact do?

  • A. Authorize administrative requests, such as enhancement request;
  • B. Upload files to share with SAP Ariba, such as service request documentation;
  • C. Submit service requests and review the status of these requests
  • D. Change the realm name
  • E. Obtain service manager accesss to update the site

A, B, C


Question 6

In which SAP Ariba Sourcing design workbook can you find reference to conditions?

  • A. Dashboard Template
  • B. Enablement workbook
  • C. Sourcing process design matrix
  • D. Header field data collection template
  • E. From Data Collection Template

C, D, E


Question 7

During a sourcing process design workshop, a consultant identifies that the customer does NOT have
any documented processes.

  • A. Use the goal and objectives identified in the project charter to promote a discussion about the customer current process
  • B. Facilitate a brainstorming session to elicit suggestions for improvement to the current process
  • C. Escalate the issue to the project sponsors for resolutions
  • D. Use the SAP Ariba Best Sourcing Practice template as the baseline template for developing the to- be process



Question 8

What are some of the responsibilities of a field consultant?

  • A. Prepare and participate in weekly status meetings and ask/issue meetings
  • B. Provide recommendations and best practice for configuration design;
  • C. Load master data into the client test and production realms
  • D. Work with the client to understand current business processes

B, D


Question 9

What is the maximum character length of the Department ID field?

  • A. 50
  • B. 40
  • C. 255
  • D. 300



Question 10

What are the goals of the testing phase?

  • A. Verify the configuration in test and production sites
  • B. Ensure that the customers end users are fully trained on SAP Ariba Sourcing
  • C. Verify that core SAP Ariba functions are working
  • D. Validate the customer uniques configuration

A, D

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