Salesforce user-experience-designer practice test

Answers Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer Exam

Question 1

A UX Designer wants to communicate the value of diversity, inclusion, and equality in design.
Which three business outcomes represent these values?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Less employee turnover
  • B. Greater market share
  • C. Economic growth
  • D. Critical investing
  • E. Fewer workplace debates

B, C, D


Question 2

Cloud Kickss development team is working on the build of a new custom component using VS Code.
They often have new CSS dasses and properties conflicting with the Salesforce Lightning Design
System (SLDS).
What should simplify working with SLDS in Lightning Components?

  • A. Salesforce Developer Console should be used instead
  • B. SLDS Validator extension for VS Code
  • C. Install SLDS creator from AppExchange
  • D. Keep the SLDS Stylesheet open for reference



Question 3

Cloud Kicks (CK) is going to conduct some interviews surveys with users to better understand their
Purchasing habits. CKs UX Designer wants to get the most accurate view of customers purchasing
behaviors using these research methods.
Which two response biases should the designer be aware of when interviewing or surveying users?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Social Desirability Bias
  • B. Randimized Bias
  • C. Objectivity Bias
  • D. Recency Bias

C, D


Question 4

The UX Designer at Cloud Kicks is asked to make the website size and content adapt to the screen
size, platform and orientation.
Which design should the design use?

  • A. Responsive
  • B. Refactored
  • C. Reactive
  • D. Proactive



Question 5

A UX Designer wants to quickly mock up Salesforce user Interface experiences using a collation of
prebuilt components. The designer need sales lightning resources for their design and prototype
such as based components, tokens, design patterns.
Which tool to install should need?

  • A. Lightning Design system Zip
  • B. Sketch plugin
  • C. Lightning Design system Unmagaged Package
  • D. SLDS Validator



Question 6

Cloud Kicks (CK) is planning its Einstein Bot implementation and has identified common issues the
bot can resolve. CK has determined that extensive technical planning is needed for bot effectiveness
and customer satisfaction.
Which additional element(s) would be essential?

  • A. Training and support planning
  • B. User interface planning
  • C. Onboarding planning
  • D. Voice and tone planning



Question 7

Cloud kicks wants to incorporate human-centered design across its organization.
Which two practices should be adopted?

  • A. Including Innovative ideas to showcase technology
  • B. Observing user behavior
  • C. Putting oneself in the situation of the end user
  • D. Creating requirements based business leaders’ priorities

B, D


Question 8

A UX Designer is creating a custom To-Do List component to replace the standard Salesforce one.
Their developer is using a parent-child Lightning Web Component (LWC) structure to build the
component, creating a parent component for the list and a single repeated child component for each
To-Do Item within the list.
Which two impacts of the LWCs Shadow DOM should be considered when designing or developing
the stylesheets for these components?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Any needed Saleforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) classes and styles must be imported into both the parent list and child items.
  • B. The CSS styles defined in the parent list component are not shared with the child items.
  • C. Any custom shared between the list and child items should be imported from a shared CSS file.
  • D. The CSS style defined in the parent list component are inherited by the child items

B, C


Question 9

A UX Designer is creating a customer support site in Experience Builder that will be internationalized
across 12 different countries.
Which two design considerations should be made when planning for this site?

  • A. Countries may read text in a different (right to left vs. left to right) and layouts will be to be adjusted.
  • B. Country flags used as links to adjust languages provide an ideal way to switch between locales or languages for users.
  • C. Colors may have different contrast rations in some countries and need adjust contrast for proper visibility by users.
  • D. Colors may have different culture meanings in different countries, changing the intent of UI elements.

A, D


Question 10

Users from a small group within a Sales team have complained about an object that is often used
only by team that has not been added to their Lightning app. Due to the small volume of users, the
administrator is not considering creating a new app for them.
Which two Salesforce feature should be suggested to improve the end-user experience?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Favorite the often-used object.
  • B. Add the object’s related list to the Home page.
  • C. Personalize the navigation bar.
  • D. Create a custom component on a Dashboard.

C, D

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