Salesforce sales-cloud-consultant practice test

Answers Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Exam

Question 1

Cloud Kicks has enabled Quotas in collaborative forecasts.
In which three ways can Quotas be managed for all users in the forecast hierarchy?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Insert Quotas using API.
  • B. Add/update Quotas using the Data Import Wizard.
  • C. Add/update Quotas using DataLoader.
  • D. Configure Forecast Quotas.
  • E. Configure Forecast Settings.

A, C, E


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Question 2

Sometimes sales reps need to create Contacts without Accounts based on business processes.
What is a consideration for Contacts that are created without Accounts?

  • A. Contacts without Accounts are shared through the Role Hierarchy.
  • B. Contacts without Accounts are private and only the owner and admin can view them.
  • C. Contacts without Accounts need to be shared through Sharing Rules.
  • D. Contacts without Accounts need to be manually shared.


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Question 3

The Sales Director at Cloud Kicks wants to prevent users from viewing each other's Opportunities but
wants them to check to see that the account already exists prior to creating a new Account.
Which organization-wide default should the consultant recommend?

  • A. Set Account and Opportunity to private.
  • B. Set Account to public read only, and Opportunity to public read only.
  • C. Set Account to public read only, and Opportunity to controlled by parent.
  • D. Set Account to public read only, and Opportunity to private.


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Question 4

Cloud Kicks is implementing Territory Management for its retail sales unit. The sales director wants a
detailed roll-up forecast for territories to be provided.
Which two recommendations should the consultant make?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Assign a forecast manager to a territory.
  • B. Include the forecast manager field on the territory page layout.
  • C. Create Apex class code to roll up forecast details for a territory.
  • D. Include the formula field in the territory page layout.

A, B

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Question 5

A consultant is preparing for a Sales Cloud deployment at Universal Containers.
Which two best practices should the consultant follow to make user training effective?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Choose one training modality to simplify the user experience.
  • B. Conduct hands-on training for users in production.
  • C. Provide user training based on relevant business scenarios.
  • D. Include a user training milestone in the implementation plan.

A, C

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Question 6

At Universal Containers, credit for revenue generated on an Opportunity may be shared among
several sales reps. When product support reps are involved in a deal, they should receive a credit of
50% of the revenue.
What should the consultant consider when designing a revenue sharing solution?

  • A. Revenue splits are required in order to use overlay splits.
  • B. Splits can be assigned to any user with the appropriate profile.
  • C. Enabling opportunity splits creates a split record for every Opportunity.
  • D. Overlay splits allocated on an Opportunity must total 100%.


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Question 7

Cloud Kicks needs to quickly look up Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities and easily log calls. The
team wants access to customer information while out of the office, and without an internet
connection, because of limited coverage in certain geographic areas.
Which two steps should the consultant take to create a solution?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Enable caching and Offline Edit
  • B. Enable Mobile SDK
  • C. Enable Salesforce Inbox
  • D. Salesforce mobile app

A, D

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Question 8

The Cloud Kicks sales team travels frequently and often needs to convert leads while away from the
home office.
What should a consultant recommend to allow them to do so?

  • A. In lead conversion settings, allow 'Enable Conversions for Salesforce Mobile.'
  • B. Install an AppExchange package to convert Leads via the Salesforce mobile app.
  • C. Create an automated process to convert Leads when the salesperson logs in from outside of their login IP ranges.
  • D. Modify the sales team's profile to include the 'Enable Conversions for Salesforce Mobile' permission.


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Question 9

A consultant is working with a client to implement Territory Management and Collaborative
Forecasting. The client has signed off on the solution design document.
Which three steps should the consultant take during the Build stage to ensure a successful
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Demonstrate how the application works.
  • B. Configure the application in a sandbox.
  • C. Clone feature metadata to production.
  • D. Communicate the anticipated live date.
  • E. Develop training material.

A, B, D

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Question 10

Universal Containers uses a web-to-lead form to collect leads from its corporate website. Sales
representatives want to prioritize their time on high-quality leads.
Which option should the consultant recommend?

  • A. Enable Sales Cloud Lead Scoring.
  • B. Create a list view to filter leads with a Lead Source of "Web."
  • C. Create a dashboard to locate and track high quality leads.
  • D. Validate data entered in the web-to-lead form.


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