Salesforce nonprofit-cloud-consultant practice test

& Answers Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Exam

Question 1

A nonprofit's system admin has seen this error message multiple times:
Npsp,TDTMCContact:execution of AfterUpdate caused by : System,SObjectException:Invalid field
gender_c Contect (npsp)
How should the admin troubleshoot this?

  • A. Check to make sure there are no invalid values in the gender field on Contact records.
  • B. Verify that all Reciprocal Relationships are mapped to gender field values.
  • C. Check that Salutations have been mapped to gender field values.
  • D. Verify the correct field for gender is specified in Relationship settings.



Question 2

A nonprofit has a large volume of contacts, accounts, and address records and wants to migrate all of
its data into NPSP.
What are two considerations?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Managing multiple addresses introduces more complexity.
  • B. Three addresses per contact or organization can be migrated into NPSP.
  • C. The default address is updated on a nightly basis.
  • D. Address records consume additional data storage.



Question 3

A nonprofit uses Salesforce for fundraising and managing its educational programs. Its membership
data is stored in a proprietary membership management system. The nonprofit wants real-time
insights into whether its donors are members, their renewal dates, and other related data points.
The membership data only needs to be viewed.
What should a consultant recommend to meet the requirement?

  • A. Utilize Salesforce Connect to store this information in External Objects.
  • B. Utilize Big Objects to store this information in Custom Objects.
  • C. Utilize Salesforce Connect to store this information in Custom Objects.
  • D. Utilize Big Objects to store this information in External Objects.



Question 4

A nonprofit runs a large scholarship program for high-school graduates. It wants to use Salesforce to
help with accepting external scholarship applications, reviewing processes, and tracking
Which two solutions should the consultant recommend to meet this requirement?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. NPSP Opportunities with GAU Allocation
  • B. Web-to-lead form
  • C. Experience Cloud
  • D. Outbound Funds Module

B, D


Question 5

Which two objects in the Program Management Module are directly connected to objects in
Nonprofit Cloud Case Management?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Client Alert
  • B. Case
  • C. Service Delivery
  • D. Program

B, C

The PMM has two main objects Programs and Services and several objects that connect those
objects together with contacts and household accounts


Question 6

A nonprofit wants to present active volunteer sites on a map which should be visible without logging
Which tool would support this requirement?

  • A. Tableau CRM
  • B. Tableau Public
  • C. Custom Report
  • D. Custom Dashboard



Question 7

A nonprofit using NPSP wants to track all donations that go to a designated fund.
How should a consultant meet this requirement?

  • A. Create an Opportunity record type called "Funds".
  • B. Create a General Accounting Unit record for the designated fund.
  • C. Create a custom object to track fund accounts.
  • D. Create a GAU Allocation record for the designated fund.



Question 8

A consultant is assisting a nonprofit in its data integration and mapping between two systems. The
consultant is unsure when a particular field was added to NPSP.
Where can the consultant find the NPSP version number for the field in question?

  • A. Schema Builder
  • B. NPSP package details
  • C. Custom field definition detail
  • D. NPSP Data Dictionary




Question 9

A nonprofit wants to deploy Nonprofit Cloud Case Management into its production org.
Which two prerequisites should be considered prior to installing Case Management?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Install NPSP
  • B. Enable My Domain
  • C. Ensure appropriate licenses are provisioned
  • D. Ensure Volunteers for Salesforce is properly configured

A, B


Question 10

A nonprofit wants to collect information online about volunteers who are new to the nonprofit,
including names and contact details, skill sets, and availability. The nonprofit already uses NPSP and
Volunteers for Salesforce and wants to create a report with this information.
What are two ways the consultant can meet the requirement?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Collect contact information during job sign up via Job Listings.
  • B. Attach emails from volunteers with their information to Contact records.
  • C. Set up a Personalized Volunteer Page on the nonprofit's website.
  • D. Add the Volunteer Sign Up form to the nonprofit's website.

C, D

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