Salesforce crt-261 practice test

Certification Preparation for Service Cloud Consultant Exam

Question 1

Universal Containers is migrating from Classic Knowledge to Lightning Knowledge using the Lightning
Knowledge Migration Tool and noticed that none of the Article file attachments were migrated. How
can a Consultant migrate the file attachments?
A. Upload the files as Documents, then relate them to the migrated Articles.
B. Use the Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool and choose 'include files'.
C. Use the Files Related List on each article to add files to your articles.
D. Post the Files to the Chatter Feed on each Article.




Question 2

Which two advantages does Salesforce provide with the OpenCTI framework? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Agents can use telephony on a wide range of browsers and operating systems while only developing once. 109/110 Questions & Answers PDF P-
  • B. Developers can embed API calls and processes on web pages to automate call handling processes.
  • C. Developers can integrate with any telephony platform available with little to no need for customization.
  • D. Agents can run their SoftPhone at the operating system level, embedded in the task bar or system tray.

A, B


Question 3

Universal Containers has an upcoming maintenance window where read-only access will be
available. Which two actions will Universal Containers be able to perform during this window?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Run and view Salesforce reports.
  • B. Update case data for a customer.
  • C. Post report information on Chatter.
  • D. Review existing cases for an account.

A, D


Question 4

Universal Containers' customer service technicians need to access the following information while at
a customer site to complete the service call:
Customer order history
Level of contracted
List of replaceable parts Which system can Salesforce integrate with to retrieve this
information and make it available to technicians in the field?

  • A. An enterprise resource planning system
  • B. A knowledge management system
  • C. A workforce management system
  • D. A third -party mobile application platform



Question 5

Universal containers would like to implement a solution to hold service reps accountable to customer
service level Agreements. Which two steps are necessary to satisfy this requirement? Choose 2
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  • A. Set up Milestones.
  • B. Enable Work Orders.
  • C. Create an Entitlement Process.
  • D. Configure Service Contracts.

A, C


Question 6

Universal Containers has Technical Support and general Customer Service teams that use unique
Service Console applications. Which two configurations should a Consultant use when deploying the
console? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Assign users to a Permission Set granting the Service User license.
  • B. Assign users to a Permission Set with access to the service console app.
  • C. Assign users the Service User license on their User record.
  • D. Assign users to a Public Group with access to the service console app.

B, C


Question 7

Which two configuration steps are required before Quick Actions can be used in Macros? Choose 2

  • A. The specific Quick Action must be added to the Case Feed.
  • B. Global Actions need to be on the publisher layout.
  • C. The specific Quick Action must be added to the Case record page.
  • D. Quick Actions must be enabled in the org.

A, C


Question 8

Which three features should a Consultant recommend to allow a customer to resolve issues through
self-service? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Customer Community
  • B. Web -to -Case
  • C. Live Agent
  • D. Knowledge Base
  • E. Chatter Answers

A, D, E


Question 9

Universal Containers has millions of customers in Salesforce, but only a very small percentage have
opened support cases in the past. Recently, Universal Containers has implemented a Customer
Community and plans to allow customers to be authenticated users to increase self- service rates.
Which two methods should be used to enable the customers on the Community? Choose 2 answers
A. Have agents manually create Users when Community access is requested by Customers.
B. Have agents provide Customers with Community registration instructions when working a case.
C. Identify active Customers and send them registration instructions via email.
D. Send email notifications to all Customers to join the Community.


B, C
Questions & Answers PDF


Question 10

Which two areas can an Administrator make Open CTI features available to users when building a
Lighting App using the App Manager? Choose 2 answers

  • A. On a utility bar of the Lightning App
  • B. On a record Highlights Panel
  • C. On a record Activity Feed list
  • D. On the Calendar right hand panel


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