Salesforce ccd-102 practice test

B2C Commerce Developer with SFRA Exam

Question 1

A merchant has asked their development team to add a new site.
Which two tasks are essential for correct site configuration prior to launch?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Assign a default payment processor.
  • B. Assign a default payment method.
  • C. Assign a default currency.
  • D. Assign a default payment type.
  • E. Assign the appropriate taxation type.

C, E

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Question 2

Questions & Answers PDF
A developer uses the call() instance method of dw.svc.Service to invoke a web service and
implemented the callback methods defined by
the dw.avc.ServiceCaliback class.
Which callback method is required only when invoking a SOAP service?

  • A. initServiceClient
  • B. createRequeat
  • C. mockCall
  • D. parseResponse



Question 3

Which method is efficient and scalable because it uses the product search index rather than
searching the database?

  • A. ProducrlndexModel.getOrderableProductsOnly()
  • B. ProduccAvailabiliryModel.isOrderable()
  • C. ProductSearcbHodel().gerProductSearchHita()
  • D. ProductVanari.cnMcciel.aerVariams ()



Question 4

There are three logging categories: category1,, and
In Business Manager, category1 is enabled for WARN level and no other categories are configured.
All custom log targets are enabled.
The code segment below executes.

What is the result'

  • A. Logs will not be written.
  • B. Logs will be written to the log file with a prefix loggerFile.
  • C. Logs will be written to the log file with a prefix custom-loggerFile.
  • D. Logs will be written to the log file with a prefix customwarn.



Question 5

A merchant uploads an image using the Content Image Upload module of Business Manager.
Which three modules can the merchant or developer use to display the image on the Storefront7
Choose 3 answers

  • A. ISML templates
  • B. Content assets
  • C. Storefront catalogs
  • D. Content slots
  • E. Payment types

B, C, D


Question 6

Recent code changes to an existing cartridge do not appear correctly on a Storefront. The developer
confirms that the code is uploaded in the IDE and ensures that the cartridge is associated with the
Which two additional steps should the developer take to troubleshoot this problem?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Check that the search index was recently rebuilt.
  • B. Check the Business Manager site cartridge path.
  • C. Check the Storefront site cartridge path. 98/102
  • D. Check that the correct code version is selected.

A, C


Question 7

A developer has a sandbox with code to log a message during execution, and the following code:

After the code executes, the developer does not see any log file with the message in the WebDAV
folder. Which two tasks does the developer need to perform to correct this issue?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Request that the developer's account be given permission to the Log Center of the current realm.
  • B. Set the root log level to debug.
  • C. Check the box for Info under Log Files.
  • D. Set the logging global preference to true.

A, C


Question 8

Given the SFRA Controller below:

Why would a JavaScript debugger, that is stopped at line 06, fall to show the viewdata variable in the
inspection tool?

  • A. cache. applyDefauItCache is not a valid middleware.
  • B. viewdata is declared but not assigned.
  • C. viewdata is assigned but not declared.
  • D. viewdata is a B2C Script reserved name.




Question 9

In Log Center, a developer notes a number of Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) log entries. The
developer knows that this happens when a CSRF token is either not found or is invalid, and is
working to remedy the situation as soon as possible.
Which two courses of action might solve the problem?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Add the token in the ISML template.
  • B. Extend the CSRF token validity to avoid timeouts.
  • C. Delete the existing CSRF whitelists in Business Manager.
  • D. Add csrfProtection.generateToken as a middleware step in the controller.

B, C


Question 10

A client has a requirement to render different content on the homepage based on if the customer is
logged in or guest user.
What should a developer implement to achieve this requirement?

  • A. Write specific custom code in the Content Asset for a customer that is a registered, versus unregistered, user.
  • B. Set the Content Slot configuration so it is based on the system customer group registered, versus unregistered.
  • C. Set the Content Asset configuration for a customer that is a registered, versus unregistered, user.
  • D. Add specific custom messages in Page Designer for a customer that is a registered, versus unregistered, user.


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