Salesforce adx-211 practice test

Administer, Extend, and Automate Salesforce Exam

Question 1

The marketing department at universal containers regularly changes the
page layout requirements for its custom marketing objects. The VP of
Marketing has asked the administrator for permission to configure only
these objects.
What can the administrator do to meet this request?

  • A. Enable the marketing user permission on the user recrord for the VP of Marketing
  • B. Create a custom profile with edit permission on the custom marketing objects and assign to the VP of marketing.
  • C. Set up the VP of Marketing as a delegated administrator for the custom marketing objects.
  • D. Grant the VP of marketing the ability to log in as a user who is a system administrator.




Question 2

What should an administrator consider when enabling territory management? choose 3

  • A. It is permanent and cannot be disabled.(100%)
  • B. Users can only be a member of one territory at a time.
  • C. Territory hierarchy must match the organization's role hierarchy.
  • D. It limits the type of forecasting that can be used.(100%)
  • E. Sharing for accounts,contacts, opportunities and cases is impacted.(100%)

A, D, E


Question 3

An administrator at Universal Containers hat completed a new set of validation rule along with a
Process Builder in a sandbox and wants to move these changes to production via a change set but
they are currently unable to do so.
What are two configurations an administrator needs before they are able to deploy changes? Choose
2 answers

  • A. Create the Validation Rules in Production because they can't be deployed via Change Sets
  • B. The Deploy Change Sets permission must be granted
  • C. The Sandbox must be configured to Allow Outbound Changes to Production 151/152 Questions & Answers PDF P-
  • D. The Production Org must be configured to Allow inbound Changes from the sandbox

C, D


Question 4

Users at AW Computing are receiving a duplicate message when they enter contacts with common
first and last names. Management wants to improve the user experience but also keep the data
Integrity of contacts.
What should an administrator implement for this issue?

  • A. Update the matching method on the rule from fuzzy to exact for First Name and Last Name.
  • B. Change the duplicate rule to report Instead of alert so the message is avoided.
  • C. Include the Email field to the existing matching rule for a more exact match.
  • D. Add a secondary matching rule to the duplicate rule to match on the associated customer.



Question 5

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has a private sharing model for records containing a customer's credit
Information. These records should be visible to a sales rep's manager but hidden from their
How should an administrator adjust NTO's sharing model to ensure the correct amount of

  • A. Use validation rules targeting the logged-in user.
  • B. Add View All access for the object via the managers profile.
  • C. Create sharing rules for each manager based on the record owner.
  • D. Grant access using hierarchies via the sharing settings.



Question 6

Ursa Major Solar uses the custom object Product Development to track Ideas R&D is wording on. A
former administrator added the custom object Potential Name with a lookup to Product
Development to allow R&D to track names under consideration for those product. The R&D manager
recently ran a record and noticed several potential names where the relationship to the Product
Development record was missing. The current administrator needs to change this relationship to
master detail to ensure a potential name only exists when there is product development.
Which two options are available for altering the existing Potential Name records for the deployment
of this change to be successful?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Move any Potential Name records with blank lookup fields to the recycle bin.
  • B. Assign any Potential Name records with blank lookup fields to an existing record from Product Development.
  • C. Remove any existing data in the lookup field n Potential Name records 150/152 Questions & Answers PDF P-
  • D. Remove the lookup field from the page layout so the data is maintained without changes.

A, B


Question 7

Cloud Kicks has o custom object called Membership Details that records information about
customers' preferences for their memberships. Depending, on the membership level, different data
needs to be displayed.
when cue running user has the Market no profile, all data should be visible.
When the running user has the Support profile, only the Support preference fields should be
Both Marketing and Support users should be able to report on all data.
How should the administrator deliver this solution?

  • A. Create two record types und two page layouts.
  • B. Set up Dynamic forms to conditionally show data.
  • C. Make a permission set with a Muting permission.
  • D. Use Field-Level Security to control data access.



Question 8

AW Computing (AVVC) has customers In multiple countries. AWC would li<e to set up advanced
currency management for Its system.
Questions & Answers PDF
Which two considerations should AWC be aware or prior to implementing this change to the existing
Choose 2 answers

  • A. When a currency is added to an organization's List of supported currencies, it cannot be deleted.
  • B. Opportunities will only display sales In the customer's localized currency.
  • C. Historical trend reports will only use the last dated exchange rate.
  • D. Once enabled, advanced currency management cannot be disabled.

A, C


Question 9

An administrator at Universal Containers has been asked by the compliance team to understand end
track various sensitivity levels for its data In Salesforce. The administrator has enabled Data
Classification end configured appropriate sensitivity levels. The compliance team would Ike a report
showing field level sensitivity and classification.
What should the administrator recommend?

  • A. Run the standard Data Classification report.
  • B. Create a custom Entity Definition and Held Definitions report type.
  • C. Use the Data Classification Metadata list view.
  • D. Configure a custom Data Classification and Metadata report type.



Question 10

A sales rep at Ursa Major Solar was assigned to a role under their manager and is the record owner
of several opportunities; however, the sales rep is missing from the manager's forecast.
What should the administrator review to solve this issue?

  • A. Enable owner adjustment
  • B. Enable manager adjustments
  • C. Allow Forecasting
  • D. Allow Override Forecasts


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