oracle 1z0-441 practice test

Oracle Mobile Development 2015 Essentials Exam

Question 1

Identify the three common tasks required on the back end to support a mobile application.

  • A. Service-enable existing systems to support a REST interface.
  • B. Rearchitect all existing systems to support mobile apps.
  • C. Ensure that the REST services for existing systems handle necessary security protocols.
  • D. Plan to secure your REST services as needed.
  • E. Rearchitect your current security strategy for your entire enterprise.

A, C, D


Question 2

Identify three correct behaviors of an amx:panelSplitter.

  • A. splits the page into two areas: top and bottom
  • B. automatically collapses the navigator facet when in portrait mode
  • C. shows the navigator facet automatically in landscape mode
  • D. can contain only amx:listView in the navigator facet
  • E. can include amx:tableLayout in the amx:panelItem

B, C, E


Question 3

How does the REST data control wizard map REST web service resource URIs to HTTP method calls in

  • A. Upon configuring REST service access, the application developer manually configures the REST URIs and maps them to HTTP methods.
  • B. Stepping through the REST service data control wizard, the application developer references a remote Web Application Description Language (WADL) file that provides the service URIs and associated HTTP methods from which the developer can choose.
  • C. The REST service data control creates only the REST connection and then generates the data control definition. To configure the REST service URIs and map them to HTTP methods, the application developer needs to edit the Data Control definition file.
  • D. The REST service data control maps the REST URI according to the annotations in the REST service. No user action is required.



Question 4

You have built a MAF application to manage service calls. The end users are company employees that
are deployed in the field and they must document the work they perform. To do this, they must take
high-resolution pictures of the equipment before and after repairs.
Which two strategies should you use to ensure that the application is optimized for performance
while keeping the memory usage at a reasonable level?

  • A. Store the pictures in the local SQLite database or on the file system and transmit them to the server by starting a background thread only when a wi-fi network connection is available.
  • B. Transmit each picture right away over a cellular data connection and inform the user of the transfers progress through visual indicators.
  • C. Always bind AMX pages directly to the Web Service Data Control and never invoke web services through a POJO Data Control.
  • D. Perform batch inserts or updates to the local SQLite database in multiple concurrent threads.
  • E. Use RESTFul web services and the JSON data format instead of SOAP/XML web services to communicate with the back end.

C, D


Question 5

Select three common functionalities that are enabled when a MAF application is secured with Mobile
Application Management (MAM) solutionssuch as Oracle Mobile Security Suite.

  • A. Discover and download mobile applications from an enterprise app store.
  • B. Encrypt the local database and files on the device.
  • C. Display the user ID and password in a log file for debugging purposes.
  • D. Enforce a data leak protection policy such as disabling copy-paste in the application.
  • E. Hide UI fields that contain data not authorized by the logged-in user.

A, B, D


Question 6

Which four properties are exposed through expression language in Oracle MAF?

  • A. Device OS
  • B. Device has camera
  • C. Device network status
  • D. Device battery capacity
  • E. Device screen diagonal size
  • F. Device barcode resolution

A, B, C, D


Question 7

You have been asked to select the appropriate security policy to apply to a SOAP web service data
control. The web service is accessed over HTTPS. In addition, the web service calls must use the
same single sign-on infrastructure as the other web applications deployed on the network. That way,
users will not have to authenticate again if they navigate between remote URL features and AMX
features making web service calls.
Which policy would you choose?

  • A. oracle/wss_http_token_over_ssl_client_policy
  • B. oracle/wss_username_token_client_policy
  • C. oracle/soap_over_ssl_client_policy
  • D. oracle/wss11_message_protection_client_policy



Question 8

You are developing the UI pages of your Oracle MAF application and you want the pages to be cross
platform-compatible and future-proof from changes to support the updated platforms.
Which is the best content type choice for developing your UI pages in MAF?

  • A. Local HTML
  • B. Local AMX
  • C. Remote URL
  • D. Page Fragment



Question 9

You have built a mobile application with features X and Y. You have implemented an application level
oracle.adfmf.application.LifeCycleListener named AppListener with methods start(), stop(),activate(),
oracle.adfmf.feature.LifeCycleListenerclasses for features X and Y named XListener and YListener with
methods activate() and deactivate().
A user has opened your application and the code is currently executing in feature X. The user then
performs the following steps:
1. Suspend the application (put it in the background).
2. Start the application.
3. Open feature Y.
Which option describes the methods and the specific order in which they are invoked when the user
performs these steps?

  • A. AppListener.stop(), AppListener.start(), YListener.activate()
  • B. XListener.deactivate(), AppListener.deactivate(), AppListener.activate(), XListener.activate(), XListener.deactivate(), YListener.activate() C.XListener.stop(), YListener.activate() D.XListener.deactivate(), XListener.activate(), XListener.deactivate(), YListener.activate()



Question 10

Which behavior results from this code inside an amx:listItem component?

  • A. When someone taps an item in the list, the item is automatically approved.
  • B. When someone taps and holds a list item, a fixed value is set in a variable that will be available in another page in the same task flow.
  • C. An exception occurs because this is not a valid use of pageFlowScope variables.
  • D. When someone taps and holds a list item, the value of the "approved" variable is evaluated and, if it is "yes", you perform a specific action.


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