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Question 1

Your customer wants to set up supplier pricing tor a stock item to default unit cost based and
supplier, Item, and Item branch. What Item information setup is required'

  • A. Item Master, Purchasing Price level
  • B. Item Branch. Sales Price level
  • C. Item Branch, inventory Cost level
  • D. Item Master and Item Branch, Purchasing Price level
  • E. Item Branch, Purchasing Price Level


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Question 2

A company has a customer who usually orders the same Hems, but not on a regular schedule. You
have recommended that they create templates to Increase order entry efficiency.
Which two steps are required?

  • A. Attach the retiming order template to the customer in the Customer Master program (P03013).
  • B. Turn on order template processing In the Sales Order Entry program (P4210) processing options.
  • C. Use the Customer Template Rebuild program (R42815) to create a template from the customer's order history.
  • D. Use the Recurring Order Template Rebuild program (R42808) to create a recurring order from the customer's order history.
  • E. Turn on recurring order processing in the Sales Order Entry program (P4210) processing options.


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Question 3

Your client is attempting to purge closed purchase orders. They have run the Detail (F4311) Purge
program (R4311P) and the F130I Purchase Order Header Purge program (R4301P). However, some
purchase order header records still exist for orders they insist me closet). You discover that they
create purchase orders that include stock. Nonstick, fright, and text lines,
What is causing the purchase order header records to remain in the system?

  • A. Purchase orders with freight lines cannot be purged.
  • B. The Close Text Lines program (R43960) was not run before purging data.
  • C. Purchase orders with text lines cannot be purged.
  • D. The Close Freight Lines program (R43960) was not run before purging data.


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Question 4

What program should you run lo compare the system quantities lo (he actual physical counts during
a cycle count?

  • A. Run the Cycle Variance Detail Print program.
  • B. Run the Select Items for Cycle Count program and review the output.
  • C. This is not possible. There is not a standard ID1 report that makes this comparison.
  • D. Run the Cycle Count Update program, and review the report.
  • E. Run the Print Cycle Count Sheets program and review the Sheets.


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Question 5

Where can the carrier default from when dealing a sales order with shipment?

  • A. Transportation Constants or P4210 Processing Options
  • B. P4210 Processing Options or Carrier Preference
  • C. Transportation Constants or Vehicle information
  • D. Customer Billing Instructions or Carrier Preference
  • E. Customer Billing Instructions or P4210 Processing Options


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Question 6

What is the purpose of the Versions tab when inquiring on .in interactive application?

  • A. It allows a user lo specify what versions of each of the called applications to execute.
  • B. It allows users to specify the version of the Interactive application called when executed from a menu.
  • C. Specify the values preloaded into the form when executing the application.
  • D. It restricts the interactive application to call only one other interactive application.


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Question 7

Your client wants to track their sales by area of the country, type of customer, and sales person. They
want the value of these sales to be reportable from the G/L.
What is the correct way to do this?

  • A. Set up Item Category Codes and report on that information.
  • B. Set up Account Master Category Codes and report on that information.
  • C. Set up flexible accounting to drive the information via the AAls to the G/l.
  • D. Set up Address Book Category Codes and report on that information.


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Question 8

Which option should you Ml up first in order to make sup that InterpriseOne searches the pricing
hierarchy correctly?

  • A. Customer and Hem combination
  • B. Customer group and item
  • C. Customer and item group
  • D. By item


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Question 9

Your client has some products that are lot controlled and others that are serial number controlled.
There are also some products that do not require either.
Where are the lot-processing parameters defined so that each item processes correctly?

  • A. Duplicate Lots field in the System Constants
  • B. item Master and Hem Blanch files In the Lot Process Held
  • C. Lot Status Code in the Item/Lot Information Revisions screen
  • D. Lot Status Code in the Item Master and Item Branch files
  • E. Lot Status Code in the Lot Master


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Question 10

Your client creates purchase orders from requisitions in theft procurement process. Accurate
commitment tracking is a must for your client. What should you set up in the system so that a
commitment is created tor purchase orders, but not requisitions?

  • A. UDC 40/CT should include the document type for purchase orders, but not requisitions.
  • B. UDC 40/CT should include the document type for requisitions, but not purchase orders.
  • C. The document type for purchase orders needs to be specified on the Budget tab of the processing options of purchase Order Entry.
  • D. UDC 40/CT needs to include both document types for requisitions and purchase orders because the purchase orders are created from requisitions.
  • E. Turn off the processing option for budget checking in the Purchase Order Entry program.


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Question 11

Which three steps are involved if a user wants to copy, use, and share a grid format?

  • A. Use the publish icon, II the new grid format is going to be shared with other users.
  • B. Select the grid format you want to copy to another format, and use the Save As option.
  • C. New shared grid formats are automatically available to other users.
  • D. To share a new grid format, it has to go through the approval process using the User Defined Objects application P98220U.


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Question 12

Your client wants to ensure that the system will take certain quantities Into account when
committing available inventory during the order entry Which two statements ace true about the
calculation of available inventory?

  • A. Quantities on open purchase orders can increase availability.
  • B. Hard commitments are always subtracted from on hand Quantity, but not future commitments
  • C. Safety stock is always subtracted from the available quantity
  • D. Quantities In inspection Increase the available quantity if it is defined to do so In Receipt Routing Definition.
  • E. The availability calculation is defined in Branch/Plant Constants (P4100I).


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Question 13

Your customs is in the process of adding all their suppliers into the new procurement system.
Which four procurement processing defaults are maintained in the Work with Supplier Master

  • A. Bank account
  • B. Tax Information
  • C. EDI Information
  • D. Voucher automation
  • E. General Ledger distribution
  • F. Address book Information


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Question 14

Which three options can be specified in Document type Setup when setting up Order Types?

  • A. Order Category
  • B. Bypass Invoice
  • C. Relieve On Hand Inventory at Ship Confirm
  • D. Document type Next Number
  • E. Line Type


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Question 15

Which report will let you view available to promise (ATP) Inventory levels for a specified lime period?

  • A. The Inventory Journal Report (RA1550)
  • B. The Item Master Directory Report (R41560)
  • C. The Supply/Demand Report (R4051)
  • D. The Hem Ledger Detail Report (R41540)
  • E. The Inventory Turn Report (R41116)


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