oracle 1z0-116 practice test

Oracle Database Security Administration Exam

Question 1

Which two statements are true about the Secure External Password Store (SEPS)?

  • A. Password credentials are stored on the database server.
  • B. Bypassing database authentication adds significant performance benefits to middle-tier applications.
  • C. The database does not need to authenticate the connection because the password credentials are stored in a wallet.
  • D. Wallet usage secures deployments that rely on password credentials for connecting to databases Instances.
  • E. Password rotation policies can be enforced without changing application code.



Question 2

You export and Import a table's data using Data Pump connected as a user who Is assigned DBA role
with default privileges.
There is a data redaction policy on the table.
Which two statements are true about the redaction policy?

  • A. The actual data in the tables is copied to the Data Pump target system with the redaction policy applied.
  • B. The policy Is not Included In export and Import operation.
  • C. The actual data in the tables is copied to the Data Pump target system without being redacted.
  • D. The policy Is Included In the export and Import operation but is not applied by default to the objects In the target system.
  • E. The policy is included in the export and import operation and applied by default to the objects in the target system.



Question 3

Examine this query:

Why is this account in this status?

  • A. The account uses a global authentication.
  • B. The user exceeded the value of FAILED_LOGIN _ATTEMPTS and its password has not been reset yet.
  • C. The account has the SYSDBA privilege granted.
  • D. The user exceeded the value of PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME and Its password has not been reset yet
  • E. The ACCOUNTS_ STATUS column is not updated until the user attempts to log in.



Question 4

You are the Service Consumer In the Cloud Shared Responsibility Model.
Which three are your responsibility when using the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)?

  • A. application
  • B. host Infrastructure
  • C. network
  • D. data
  • E. physical
  • F. guest OS
  • G. virtualization
  • H. database



Question 5

Which two statements are true about running the Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT)

  • A. It runs only on UNIX/Linux systems.
  • B. It must connect to the database using a SYSDBA connection.
  • C. It must be run by an OS user with read permissions on files and directories under ORACLE_HOME.
  • D. It runs only on Windows systems.
  • E. It must be run on the server that contains the database.



Question 6

Which two represent the set of users that are never affected by connect command rules?

  • A. SYS
  • B. users with the DV_ACCTMGR role
  • C. users with the DV_OWNER role
  • D. users with the DV_ADMIN role



Question 7

You must rekey encrypted sensitive credential data In your database.
You run the command alter database dictionary rekey credentials.
Which three options ate true about the bkkey process?

  • A. Credential Data Is automatically encrypted using aes2S6.
  • B. The credential data encryption process does not de-obfuscate the obfuscated passwords before re-encrypts begin.
  • C. Both sys. links and sys . SCHEDULER_CREDENTIAL tables are rekeyed.
  • D. The rekey process prompts the user to provide a new key algorithm If needed.
  • E. The process of rekeylng does not automatically open the keystore.
  • F. The rekey process only applies to the sys.ltnks CREDENTUIALS table.
  • G. The rekey process only applies to the SYS.SCHEDULES$ credential table.



Question 8

Examine these steps:
1. Run the DBSAT Collector
2. Run the DBSAT Discoverer
3. Run the DBSAT Reporter
Identify the minimum required steps for producing a report of schemas with sensitive data.

  • A. 1,2
  • B. 2
  • C. 1,2,3
  • D. 2,3



Question 9

Examine this code which executes successfully:

If the IN_OFFICE_ON_WEEKEND rule set returns true for an attempt to connect from Inside the office
on weekends, which two are true about the effects of this configuration?

  • A. JIM con never connect.
  • B. This has no effect on tom's connect attempts.
  • C. TOM can never connect.
  • D. JIM can only connect when In the office on weekends.
  • E. This has no effect on JIM'S connection attempts.



Question 10

Database user SCOTT requires the privilege to select from all tables and you decide to configure this
using a global role.
You have not yet configured the database with Enterprise User Security.
You plan to perform these steps:
1. create role GLOBAI._ROI.E identified globally;
2. grant select any table to GLODAL_COLE;
3. grant GLOBAL_ROLE to SCOTT;
What is the result?

  • A. All statements succeed even without Enterprise User Security configuration, but the role is not effective.
  • B. The third statement falls because global roles can be granted only by using a central authority.
  • C. The second statement falls because granting a global role can be completed only by using a central authority.
  • D. The first statement falls because the database Is not set up with Enterprise User Security.


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