oracle 1z0-1094-21 practice test

Oracle Cloud Database Migration and Integration 2021 Specialist Exam

Question 1

Which autonomous database types are available on Oracle Cloud? (Choose three.)

  • A. Autonomous Relation Database System
  • B. Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • C. Autonomous Streams
  • D. Autonomous Transaction Processing
  • E. Autonomous JSON Database

B, D, E

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Question 2

When selecting a migration method for moving your database to the cloud, what would you NOT
take into consideration?

  • A. Database Version
  • B. High Availability
  • C. Schema Name
  • D. Database Size


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Question 3

Oracle Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) uses MySQL internally, configuring on a default port number.
What will ZDM proceed to, if a port number is not specified and the default is not available?

  • A. Assign a random port number.
  • B. Increase the default port number by one and retry five times.
  • C. Request a valid port number
  • D. Exit the installation with an error message.


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Question 4

Which developer tool can be used to load JSON documents to an Oracle database on the cloud?

  • A. SQL Developer Web
  • B. Modeler
  • C. REST Data Services
  • D. SQL Developer


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Question 5

Which TWO statements are true about cross-endian migration using Transportable Tablespaces?
(Choose all correct answers)

  • A. Tablespaces must be converted by either RMAN CONVERT Or DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER.
  • B. system and sysaux can be migrated cross-endian.
  • C. Tablespaces may not be encrypted.
  • D. Tablespaces must be compressed.

A, C

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Question 6

Which Oracle product provides high performance bulk data movement, massively parallel data
transformation using database or BI data technologies, and block-level data loading that leverages
native data utilities?

  • A. Oracle Data Guard
  • B. Oracle Data Integrator
  • C. Oracle Analytics Server
  • D. Oracle Big Data


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Question 7

Which THREE Fusion SaaS components from the Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Loading Knowledge
Modules can be used to extract data out of Fusion SaaS applications and load it into Autonomous
Data Warehouse (ADW)? (Choose all correct answers)

  • A. Enterprise Scheduler Service (ESS) SOAP API
  • B. Universal Content Management
  • C. BI Application Configuration Manager
  • E. Cloud Connector

A, B, E

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Question 8

Your source tables are in an on-premises Oracle Database. You are creating a data server in Oracle
Data Integrator (ODI) topology. Which THREE configuration items are needed to successfully test an
on-premises Oracle Database connection ? (Choose 3 all correct answers)

  • A. name of the Oracle Instance (SID) or service
  • B. network name or IP address of the machine hosting the Oracle Database
  • C. database link
  • D. list of all schemas
  • E. listing port of the oracle listener

A, B, E

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Question 9

Which statements are true for OCI GoldenGate Service? (Choose two.)

  • A. It requires any source environment to run Oracle GoldenGate Microservices.
  • B. It is customer-managed.
  • C. It requires an on-premises license for the Oracle GoldenGate software.
  • D. It supports the usage of Universal Credits.

A, D

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Question 10

In order to migrate an active database using RMAN DUPLICATE, what information do you need for
the source database? (Choose two.)

  • A. Location of audit files
  • B. Listener port
  • C. Value of the UNDO_RETENTION parameter
  • D. Database unique name
  • E. Password for HR schema

B, D

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