oracle 1z0-1073-21 practice test

Oracle Inventory Cloud 2021 Implementation Essentials Exam

Question 1

Your customer has a complex financial reporting structure.
Which three elements should you define first in order to form a basis for this reporting?

  • A. Managerial, Operational, and Industry
  • B. Legal, Autonomy, and Operational
  • C. Tax, Legal, and Industry
  • D. Legal, Managerial, and Functional



Question 2

Your client wants the purchasers to be able to run the min-max plan for items under their control and
then manage the POs created out of these.
Which parameters can they use to be able to do this?

  • A. From Planner to Planner
  • B. From Buyer to Buyer
  • C. From Item to Item
  • D. Sort by
  • E. Planning Level



Question 3

A supply request has been received in supply chain orchestration. Both organizations belong to the
same legal entity and they do not have a buy-sell relationship between them.
Which type of execution document can fulfill the supply request?

  • A. Sales Order
  • B. Purchase Requisitions
  • C. Purchase Order
  • D. Transfer Order



Question 4

Your customer has received 50 boxes of item A (priced at $10 per box) and these items are
transferred to the asset Inventory organization. There are no additional quantities in any of the
inventory organizations apart from the received 50 boxes. After running all the necessary cost
accounting and organizations apart from the received 50 boxes. After running all the necessary cost
accounting and receipt accounting processes successfully, the item validation for item A is still zero.
What is the reason?

  • A. Items are consigned and ownership is transferred to “owned”.
  • B. Items are consigned items and ownership lies with the supplier.
  • C. Items are not consigned items but ownership is still with the supplier.
  • D. Items are not consigned items and ownership is with the organization.



Question 5

Which two statements are true in regard to using the Enterprise Structures Configurator?

  • A. The guided interview-based process helps you set up the enterprise with best practices.
  • B. It recommends job and position structures.
  • C. It creates the chart of accounts.
  • D. It allows you to create your Enterprise, Business Units, and Warehouses in a single step.
  • E. You cannot modify the recommendation from the tool. You must do it after you perform the initial configuration.



Question 6

The Applications Development Framework Desktop Integration (ADFdi) user interface is supported in
Oracle Fusion Receiving, Inventory Management, and Shipping products.
Identify four ADFdi user interfaces that are supported.

  • A. Review Receipts Interface
  • B. Manage Inventory Transaction Correction in Spreadsheet
  • C. Review Count Interface Records
  • D. Manage Lot/Serial Interface
  • E. Upload ASN or ASBN
  • F. Manage Shipment Message Interface



Question 7

While performing the task Create Chart of Accounts, Ledger, Legal Entities, and Business Units in
Spreadsheet Task, you did not provide the functional currency; however, you mentioned that the
legal entity country is the United States of America.
What will be the functional currency of the ledger you are defining?

  • A. It is mandatory to provide functional currency, because ledger cannot be defined without functional currency. The system will throw an error upon processing.
  • B. It is mandatory to provide functional currency because ledger cannot be defined without functional currency. The system will throw an error upon upload of the spreadsheet because all required fields are not populated.
  • C. The system will pick the first available currency from the List of Values.
  • D. The system will ask the user to provide functional currency at the time of uploading the spreadsheet if it is not provided in the first place.
  • E. The system will automatically pick “USD” as functional currency from the legal entity country.



Question 8

You have orders that were due for shipping last week, but as of now they have not been shipped.
Which dashboard should you check at the end of the day to determine which orders have been

  • A. Past Due, Completed Today
  • B. Due Today, Not Completed
  • C. Past Due, Not Completed
  • D. Past Due Shipments
  • E. Orders Completed in Full



Question 9

A user is performing a material return transaction against excess stock in an Inventory organization;
however, the user fails to select the Physical Material Return Required check box.
What happens?

  • A. A transfer order line remains open
  • B. Shipment lines are created
  • C. Stock is reserved
  • D. It is considered as accounting-only return



Question 10

What three Key Performance Indicators are available in the Warehouse Operations Dashboard?

  • A. Cycle Count
  • B. Distributed Value
  • C. Hit or Miss Accuracy
  • D. Shipment Value
  • E. Inventory Value
  • F. Exact Matches Rate


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