oracle 1z0-1073-20 practice test

Oracle Inventory Cloud 2020 Implementation Essentials

Question 1

Which three values are applicable for the profile option "Transaction Processing Mode" for subinventory transfer and
interorganization transfer? (Choose three.)

  • A. Background Processing
  • B. Blind Processing
  • C. Online Processing
  • D. Offline Processing
  • E. Sequential Processing
  • F. Concurrent Processing



Question 2

A third-party service equipment is used for various purposes in a manufacturing facility and needs to be overhauled once a
year. This equipment is charged based on its consumption without a project dependency.
At this point, it should be transferred out to the vendor's warehouse for maintenance and then returned back in the future
depending upon the requirement.
The material stock transfer should happen with an offline approval and with an account alias as a logical reference.
What is the ideal way to handle this process?

  • A. Miscellaneous Transaction
  • B. Requisitions
  • C. Move Request
  • D. Subinventory Transfer
  • E. Transfer Order



Question 3

Your supplier sent you stock against a consigned agreement. You transferred all the stock to owned and generated a
consumption advice. An invoice was raised by the supplier and the payment made. A few days after using some of the
quantities of the stock, you realized that some of the stock sent by the supplier is not of suitable quality and you need to send
the stock back.
What is the process of returning the material?

  • A. Return the material and create a debit memo for the supplier.
  • B. You cannot return consigned items that are invoiced and paid. Treat the material as scrap.
  • C. You have to transfer the ownership of item and perform the return transaction.
  • D. You have to cancel the invoice and send the material back without changing the ownership.



Question 4

For an Item to be enabled for back-to-back order process, which attribute do you need to set?

  • A. Organization attribute: Allow Back to Back Processing
  • B. Item attribute: Allow purchase orders off of sales orders
  • C. Item attribute: Reservations Enabled
  • D. Item attribute: Back-To-Back Enabled
  • E. Organization attribute: Allow Reservations



Question 5

The physical inventory process is carried out for a particular inventory organization with the following parameters:
Negative Quantity Tolerance Percentage is set to 10%

Approval Type = 'Always'

The system says that there are 100 on hand, but you only counted 95. What will happen?

  • A. The system will ask a user to recount before posting.
  • B. The setup is invalid; it will give an error message.
  • C. Because the 95 is within the 10% tolerance, it will post without approval.
  • D. An approval will be required before posting.



Question 6

Which three things are true about running the Min-Max Report? (Choose three.)

  • A. The system calculates demand quantity by using information from existing sales orders, transfer orders, work orders and movement requests.
  • B. You can run the report by item category.
  • C. The Min-Max Replenishment ignores Item Processing Lead-time on Transfer orders.
  • D. You can run the report or both Organizations and Subinventory Planning Levels simultaneously.
  • E. You can suppress replenishment movement request when the source subinventory has zero item on-hand quantity.



Question 7

Your client wants certain inventory items of high importance to be counted periodically to improve the average level of
inventory accuracy.
What type of counting would you recommend?

  • A. Serialized Count
  • B. Manual Count
  • C. Cycle Count
  • D. Zero Quantity Count
  • E. Blind Count



Question 8

Which three statements about the main areas of Managerial Accounting are correct? (Choose three.)

  • A. Landed Cost Management gives organizations financial visibility into their extended supply chain costs.
  • B. Supply Chain Orchestration automatically selects the correct process based on user-defined subleadger accounting rules when a supply creation is initiated.
  • C. Receipt Accounting is the application that performs the accrual accounting for all types of receipts.
  • D. Cost method can be defined granularity down to individual items.



Question 9

On the Supply Lines Overview page, the deviations in supply type chart show a supply line status of exception.
What action must you take?

  • A. This indicates that supply line quantities are available but the quality is not up to the mark, so the quality issue must be resolved.
  • B. This indicates that supply line quantities are not available, so inventory must be procured.
  • C. This indicates that supply line quantities are less than required, so additional quantities must be procured to meet the requirement.
  • D. This indicates that supply line has an exception in manufacturing goods, so the supply line must be changed.



Question 10

In the Back-to-Back (B2B) Order to Cash flow, ordered items are purchased from a supplier. The Sourcing Rules have been
defined for the item and the buy flow has been initiated. The sales order line is shown as Awaiting Shipping and the supply
line status is In Purchasing with the supply order generated but the purchase requisition not generating.
What is the reason?

  • A. Work definition is missing for the item.
  • B. No Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) exists for this supplier – item combination.
  • C. The sourcing rule is incorrect.
  • D. ATP rule is not defined.


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