oracle 1z0-1042-21 practice test

Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration 2021 Specialist Exam

Question 1

When defining the frequency or schedule orchestration style integration runs you can choose either
Basic or Advance option? Which expression language is used for defining advanced schedule runs?

  • A. XPATH
  • B. a XSLT
  • C. a JavaScript
  • D. an iCal



Question 2

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) provides the File Server component - an embedded SFTP server that
enables organizations to focus on building integrations without needing to host and maintain
separate SFTP server. Which statement is NOT true about the OIC File Server component?

  • A. Access to the File Server REST APIs is limited to only users with the ServiceAdministrator role.
  • B. To access File Server from an internal OIC integration flow, a Connection resource of FTP adapter type or rest adapter type is U used.
  • C. Any external SFTP client can access file Server as long as an OIC administrator has configured specific folder access permission for those clients.
  • D. The File Server component is a feature that is disabled by default into newly provisioned OIC instance



Question 3

When creating integration in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), a visual mapper enables your element
nodes between applications by dragging source element nodes onto target element nodes. Which
statement is NOT true about the OIC data mapper functionality?

  • A. When you navigate to the mapper, the Expression Builder launches in user-friendly mode by default when you select a target element.
  • B. The data structure for the target service is always displayed on the right side in the Designer view
  • C. All transformation mapping use extensible Stylesheet language (XSL)
  • D. All source and Target data objects will be represented internally as JSON structures
  • E. In the Designer view, the Sources section contains the data structures of all available data objects to include integration metadata, tracking variables, global variables, and integration property values



Question 4

Which two statements are true regarding mapper activity?

  • A. You can drag and drop a source on to multiple targets
  • B. You can drag and drops switcher activity in the target
  • C. You cannot drag and drop a source on to a target that is already mapped
  • D. You can drag and drop function activity in the target

C, D


Question 5

Which adapter is NOT provided in the Oracle Cloud adapter with Oracle SOA Cloud Service?

  • A. Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter
  • B. Salesforce Adapter
  • C. Oracle ERP Cloud Adapter
  • D. SuccessFactors Adapter



Question 6

One of your downstream applications is becoming overwhelmed with too many individual
synchronous invocations from you current Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) integration. It has been
recommended that you redesign the integration to take advantage of the catch processing
capabilities of the application. Which is the MOST appropriate approach for implementing this OIC
design best practice?

  • A. Create custom batch call function, register the function as a Library in your OIC environment, then use JavaScript action to invoke the application
  • B. Reactive the integration and use the disable tracing and message tracking option which will optimize performance for each invocation to the application
  • C. Use the Append option in the Write File operation of the Stage File action within a loop to create a single batch to be send to the application
  • D. Throttle the individual synchronous calls by adding a Wait activity prior to each invocation to the application within the loop



Question 7

Which three statements are true about SOAP and the advantages it provides?

  • A. As compared to RPC (remote procedure calls), which are sometimes blocked by firewalls and proxy servers, SOAP over HTTP can overcome that limitation.
  • B. It provides flexibility for message format flexibility allowing for loose coupling between client and server.
  • C. It commonly serves as a cleaning agent to remove excess data from the transmission protocol.
  • D. It leverages XML - based payloads to communicate between two client machines across any modern network.
  • E. It is platform and programing language independent.
  • F. SOAP clients can easily hold stateful references to remove server-side SOAP objects.



Question 8

Which OIC XPATH function can be used to retrieve data from OIC Lookup within the data mapper

  • A. Get-value-from-lookup
  • B. getLookup
  • C. get-content-as-string
  • D. lookupvalue



Question 9

With regard to OIC Lookups, Which two are valid statements?

  • A. You cannot clone an existing lookup if it is being currently referenced in one or more active OIC integrations
  • B. A custom OIC XPATH function must be used to retrieve data from a look up in the Data Mapper.
  • C. Lookup values are retrieved from a backend database at runtime
  • D. Lookup values must include two or more domains associated with corresponding Saas applications
  • E. Changes that are made to Lookups referenced in active integrations will take effect immediately without reactivating those integrations



Question 10

OIC is available in two editions - Standard and Enterprise.
Which OIC Enterprise Edition capabilities are ALSO available in the OIC Standarf edition? (Select two)

  • A. Process Applications
  • B. B2B Trading Partner Agreements
  • C. Enterprise application Adapters (such as EBS, JDE, SAP, and Siebel)
  • D. Integration Insight
  • E. File server
  • F. Visual Builder


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