oracle 1z0-1042-20 practice test

Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration 2020 Specialist

Question 1

Given that a gateway node should have a dedicated user credential for connecting to the API Platform Management Service,
what grants should be assigned to that user? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. View all Details
  • B. Node Service Account
  • C. Deploy API
  • D. Deploy to Gateway


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Question 2

You have a synchronous integration flow updating systems with several external invocations. Most client applications are
experiencing timeouts waiting for the synchronous response confirmation of the complex processing logic.
Which is a legitimate strategy that will mitigate this issue? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Change the design implementation strategy to an asynchronous flow that provides a separate notification to clients when the processing is complete.
  • B. Increase the blocking timeout within the OIC integration settings to allow for extended time.
  • C. Split into smaller synchronous integration flows that can be orchestrated sequentially from a master synchronous flow.
  • D. Change the implementation logic to invoke multiple fine-grained external API calls within a single loop.


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Question 3

Which type of certificate requires the uploading of a keystore (.jks) file in Oracle Integration Cloud to facilitate two-way SSL
communication with external services? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Trust Certificate
  • B. Message Protection Certificate
  • C. Multi Domain Certificate
  • D. Identity Certificate
  • E. Unified Communications Certificate


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Question 4

What Mapper function can you use to get the lookup value in Mapping Builder? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. SearchLookupValue
  • B. FindLookupValue
  • C. LookupValue
  • D. GetLookupValue


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Question 5

Which two statements are true regarding mapper activity? (Choose two.)

  • A. You cannot drag and drop a source on to a target that is already mapped.
  • B. You can drag and drop a source on to multiple targets.
  • C. You can drag and drop switcher activity in the target.
  • D. You can drag and drop function activity in the target.


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Question 6

Which Service-Oriented Architecture Cloud Service (SOA CS) component provides stateful orchestration? (Choose the best

  • A. Oracle Mediator
  • B. Oracle Service Bus
  • C. Oracle Business Rules
  • D. Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
  • E. Oracle BPEL Process Manager


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Question 7

When considering the configuration of APIs, Services, and Service Accounts in the API Platform Cloud Service, which two
statements are valid? (Choose two.)

  • A. An API Platform policy can be configured to reference another policy to override credentials information.
  • B. An API references Services and Service Accounts through the policies defining the API.
  • C. A Service Account is limited to using OAuth credentials only for defining security because Services can be configured to define Basic Authentication.
  • D. A Service Account defines the security credentials required to invoke a back-end service.
  • E. A Service must include a Service Account reference to invoke a back-end service.


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Question 8

Which three background colors are displayed for autocomplete in web forms editor? (Choose three.)

  • A. Green for valid binding names
  • B. Red for invalid binding names
  • C. Orange for unmatched binding names
  • D. Blue for complex binding names (their children may contain valid binding names)
  • E. Yellow for matched binding names


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Question 9

Your design of an asynchronous OIC integration flow includes the requirement for additional processing logic that is
conditionally based on the results returned to the integration instance from earlier external service invocations. You have
decided to leverage the Switch action to facilitate this implementation.
Which is a valid consideration concerning the configuration and capabilities of the Switch action? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Any data objects returned within a branch of a Switch action will only be visible within the implicit scope of that branch and not visible in the main flow of the integration outside of the Switch action.
  • B. XPath version 2.0 functions can be used to create more complex conditional expressions for a branch.
  • C. You may need to create conditional expressions for each branch with greater complexity because nested Switch actions are not supported.
  • D. All branches within the Switch actions must have a conditional expression defined.


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Question 10

Which four statements are correct regarding the differences between WSDL/SOAP and REST/JSON? (Choose four)

  • A. WSDL is a tight contract; REST is a loose contract.
  • B. REST is more easily used in developing UIs than WSDL. REST is also gaining popularity in application development.
  • C. Modern API-first architectures prefer to use tried-and-true WSDL services over REST services because they are quicker and easier to implement.
  • D. WSDL is a request for a service; REST is a request for a resource.
  • E. Unlike WSDL, REST is typically invoked with HTTP verbs.
  • F. WSDL is simpler; REST is richer.


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