Magento magento-2-certified-solution-specialist practice test

Exam Question & Answers

Question 1

A retail sells their products on their Magento Commerce site and in physical stores, they want to give
customers the ability to purchase and use gift cards online or in-store, including cards which have
already been sold through both channels.
Their in-store point-of-sale (POS) has built-in gift card capabilities and allows cards to be created or
adjusted through an API.
Which three items must be included in the requirements for this project?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Exiting Magento cards and balances must be imported into the POS
  • B. An additional payment method must be added to the Magento checkout
  • C. Existing in-store cards and balances must be imported Into Magento
  • D. Magento and the POS must share the same product catalog
  • E. Gift card records in Magento and the POS must be synchronized when any gift card transaction takes place

B, C, D


Question 2

Your client has reported a problem with the sales reports in Magento compared to the reports in
their ERP system. Their ERP store are hosted in different time zone creating a discrepancy. After
updating the time zones in both your system you realize the reporting.
What will you to solve this?

  • A. Resync your data between the ERPJ and Magento
  • B. Update the time zone on the ERP system along with Magento
  • C. Refresh the lifetime statistics on your reports
  • D. Refresh the daily statistics on your reports



Question 3

A merchant is using Magento to manage inventory. The procurement department needs to see which
products in the Clotting attribute set have fewer than 50 items in stock while eliminating all
unnecessary columns.
How do you do this?

  • A. Install a 3rd-party module to provide this report
  • B. Enable the Daily Product Inventory Report email feature
  • C. Navigate to the Low Stock report and enter the filtering conditions.
  • D. Create a new product grid view with the necessary filters and column selections



Question 4

A small merchant is using a legacy 3rd-party module to integrate with a payment provide. This
module takes the cardholder information
What changes must be made to the 3rd-party modules to reduce the scope of their Self-Assessment

  • A. Utilize a VPN connection to the payment provider
  • B. Store credentials encrypted in the database.
  • C. Use the HTTPS protocol to connect to the payment provider.
  • D. Utilize the payment provider's frontend iframe system.



Question 5

A merchant has set the visibility of a configurable product to Not Visible individually and their
variants to Catalog, Search.
How is the product family displayed on the product listing page?

  • A. Only the simple products will display but null each nave a unique product detail page
  • B. The configurable and simple products will display individually but each will have a unique product detail page
  • C. Only the simple products will display but will share the same product detail-page as the configurable product
  • D. The configurable and simple produces will display individually but earh will have the same product detail page



Question 6

A merchant is planning a camping for each of their 500 partners. Each will receive a unique set of
prices for a catalog of 10,000 products.
How will performance be affected if each partner has their own website?

  • A. The re-index process will become very slow
  • B. The cache will consume ail available disk space
  • C. The sort by price feature will become very stow
  • D. Static content deployment time will increase considerably



Question 7

A merchant would like a promotional content block on the cart which changes by customer segment.
the content should only appear when you cart total is $50 or more excluding shipping.
What solution will meet the requirement?

  • A. Create a widget with a static block assign to a customer price rule.
  • B. Create a dynamic block and choose the customer segment
  • C. Create a static block and add it to the layout area for the shopping cart with the customer segment
  • D. Create a banner, apply the 'customer segment to the banner and choose the banner price rule



Question 8

A business plans to utilize Magento Commerce one Page Checkout.
Which three configurations are available for One page checkout?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Reordering the Hems mat display in the order summary
  • B. Reordering me checkout totals sort order
  • C. Enabling The display of a terms a conditions modal
  • D. Configuring the maximum number of Items to display In order summary
  • E. Reordering the display of Gift Card and Promotion code fields

C, D, E


Question 9

A merchant wants to notify their customer when a product comes back in stock.
Allow Alert when Product Come Back in stock was set to yes in the Magento admin panel but
functionality is still not available to the customers.
What action is required to correct this?

  • A. Display out of the Stock must be set to yes in the Magento admin panel
  • B. Allow Alert when Product Price change must be set to yes I the Magento admin panel
  • C. Display produce quality must be set to yes in the Magento admin panel
  • D. No additional action is required, the functionality will become available after the Catalog product index is updated by schedule



Question 10

You are building policies for a merchant to ensure PCI compliance website.
What two action items do you write in the policy to maintain PCI compliance?

  • A. Purge all webserver visitor access logs after 30 days
  • B. All critical patches must be applied within 30 days or less of their availability
  • C. admin users must have their own login credentials.
  • D. Customers must be notified within 72 Hours of a data breach.

B, C

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