LPI 201-450 practice test

LPIC-2 (201) Exam

Question 1

Which of the following commands lists IPv4 addresses and MAC addresses of network nodes that the
local system has seen on its directly connected IP networks?

  • A. arp
  • B. ifconfig
  • C. ipadm
  • D. iwlist



Question 2

Which of the following commands shows capabilities and usable frequencies for the wireless
interface wlan0?

  • A. iw phy pyh0 info
  • B. iw dev wlan0 info
  • C. iw dev wlan0 show
  • D. iw phy wlan0 show
  • E. iw phy0 show



Question 3

On a Linux node with multiple active networks interfaces, each having a default route to the Internet,
which default route is preferred?

  • A. The default route with the highest metric value
  • B. The default route with the highest MTU value
  • C. The default route with the lowest TTL value
  • D. The default route with the highest TTL value
  • E. The default route with the lowest metric value



Question 4

Which of the following commands adds a static IPv6 address to the network interface eth0?

  • A. ip add addr 2001:db8::1337/64 dev eth0
  • B. ip -6 add addr 2001:db8::1337/64 dev eth0
  • C. ip addr add 2001:db8::1337/64 dev eth0
  • D. ip -6 addr add new 2001:db8::1337/64 dev eth0
  • E. ip addr add -6 2001:db8::1337/64 dev eth0



Question 5

Which of the filter keywords below could be used in the following command:
tcpdump i eth0 ____________ (Choose three.)

  • A. host
  • B. ip
  • C. src
  • D. dst
  • E. ipv6

A, C, D


Question 6

Which of the following configuration files are used by tcpwrapper?

  • A. /etc/tcpd.allow and etc/tcpd.deny
  • B. /etc/tcpwrapper.allow and /etc/tcpwrapper.deny
  • C. /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny
  • D. /etc/service.allow and /etc/service.deny



Question 7

A web application server contains 64GB of RAM and two swap partitions on normal hard disk drives,
each with a size of 64 GB. Within the last month, the average number of user sessions on this server
has grown by 20 percent. At the same time, the average usage of RAM increased from 65 to 75
percent, while the swap space is almost not used at all. It is expected that the number of user
sessions will continue to increase by about 15 to 20 percent each month. Which of the following
reactions would be appropriate in response to these observations? (Choose two.)

  • A. Delay any hardware upgrade until there is a significant consumption of swap space to ensure an efficient usage of the available hardware
  • B. Create a RAID 1 device on the two swap partitions to avoid data loss in case swap space has to be used in the future
  • C. Consider the installation of an additional application server to distribute the load if the expected growth continues over several months
  • D. Move the web applications scripts and content a ram disk in order to ensure fast access and to avoid the need for swap space
  • E. Update the hardware to increase the amount of available RAM to avoid using swap space

C, E


Question 8

In order to gather performance data with sar over a longer period of time, which command should
be run periodically from cron?

  • A. sa1
  • B. sarmon
  • C. sarec
  • D. sadf
  • E. sarcron



Question 9

Which of the following properties should be recorded in order to monitor the quality of a network
link? (Choose two.)

  • A. Bandwidth in both directions
  • B. Number of nodes using the link
  • C. Effective Latency
  • D. Number of IPv4 and IPv6 packets
  • E. Number of used TCP ports

A, C


Question 10

In the output of sar –b, what does tps stand for?

  • A. Terrabyte per second
  • B. Traffic per second
  • C. Transfers per second
  • D. Total data per second
  • E. Terrabit per second


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