iSQI cset-f practice test

A4Q Certified Selenium Tester Foundation Exam

Question 1

What is XPath?

  • A. An error in XML document, where beginnings and endings of two tags cross (eg, <a><b></a></b>), cross-path
  • B. A test design method in which a test case traverses all crossing paths of an algorithm or activity diagram of use case
  • C. A query language for selecting nodes from an XML document
  • D. An element of Test Execution Layer that allows one to cross-reference different SUTs



Question 2

Consider the following test steps;

Which of the following function signatures is the best for keyword implementing test step number 1

  • A. def login ():
  • B. def login_with_admin_credentials () :
  • C. def login(username, password) :
  • D. def create_user (username, user_email, password)



Question 3

Which would be the best set of methods called by a Page Object that corresponds to the following
dialog box?

  • A. log_in, cancel_log_in, remind_password
  • B. log_in, cancel_log_in. clear_user, clear_password
  • C. enter_login. enter_password, log_in, cancel
  • D. push_button(button), enter__text(text). clickjink(link)



Question 4

In the web application you are testing, a button on a page can be enabled or disabled Given the
following code

Which of the following wait convenience methods is the MOST appropriate to replace [convenience
method] above to click on an enabled button?

  • A. visibility_of_element_located
  • B. element_to_be_clickabl^
  • C. invisibility_of_element located
  • D. presence_of_element_located



Question 5

In the web application you are testing, you need to select each option in several dropdown menus.
Which of the following is the BEST approach for making your test scripts maintainable?

  • A. Assign IDs for each dropdown and each option
  • B. Create a function for clicking on a dropdown then clicking on the option
  • C. Create unique tags for the elements
  • D. Create keywords for the dropdowns and the options



Question 6

Which of the following is a good definition for a fixture?

  • A. A mock object or environment used to consistently test some item, device, or piece of software
  • B. A function in a software library whose main purpose is to call another function often adding or enhancing functionality
  • C. A test automation pattern which requires that technical logic and business logic be dealt with at different levels
  • D. An environment for automated test scripts to execute, including tools, libraries



Question 7

Your SUT displays an alert with two buttons OK and Cancel
Issuing the dismiss*) command for that alert is equal to manually pressing which button?

  • A. OK
  • B. Cancel
  • C. Neither
  • D. It is impossible to tell



Question 8

In the web application you are testing, you need to select several options in a dropdown menu
Which of the following is the BEST approach for selecting a dropdown option using WebDriver?

  • A. Use the switch_to class to switch to the dropdown element, and then click on the option in the dropdown
  • B. Click on the dropdown option using its relative XPath
  • C. Click on the dropdown option using its absolute XPath
  • D. Click on the dropdown element and then click on the option in the dropdown



Question 9

Which of the following states for a link WebElement could be checked to ensure that trying to click
on the WebElement does not fail?
Choose three of the seven answers

  • A. The WebElement is selected
  • B. The WebElement exists
  • C. The WebElement is not selected
  • D. The WebElement is displayed
  • E. The WebElement is at a particular X,Y location
  • F. The WebElement is enabled
  • G. The WebElement has a text value



Question 10

Which of the following methods can find an element by its class name? Select two options

  • A. find__element__by__css__selector
  • B. find.__element__by__id.
  • C. find_ element_bY_xpath
  • D. find_element_by_tag_name
  • E. find_element_by_partial_link_text


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