Huawei h19-368 practice test

HCS Pre Sale Transmission&Access (Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist Transmission&Access) Exam

Question 1

In the smart city transmission network solution, which transmission products are Huawei's main

  • A. OSN1800
  • B. OSN8800
  • C. OSN9800
  • D. OSN6800

A, C


Question 2

What value can self-built optical transmission network bring?

  • A. Provide end-to-end large bandwidth
  • B. Highly reliable and safe physical isolation
  • C. Save room space
  • D. One time investment, long-term gain

A, B, D


Question 3

What are the e-government network challenges in the cloud era?

  • A. Network isolation and security
  • B. Increasing demand for bandwidth
  • C. Business can be quickly opened and Adjustment
  • D. Unified carrying of government affairs

A, B,C, D


Question 4

What should a smart service e-government network look like?

  • A. Able to achieve business linkage between departments, data Sharing to enhance the overall effectiveness of the government
  • B. Better integration of basic government affairs Source, increase utilization, reduce Administrative cost
  • C. Unify the basic network platform to ensure Service deployment needs begging
  • D. Rapid deployment of new services, saving Time to improve the efficiency of government operations
  • E. Faster response to public demand Flexible expansion, fast full Changing electronics Government business construction requirements

A, B, C, D, E


Question 5

Which of the following is the purpose of government transformation?

  • A. Improve administrative efficiency
  • B. Improve scientific decision-making
  • C. Improve service level
  • D. Promote innovation and development

A, B, C, D


Question 6

What are the driving forces of e-government construction?

  • A. administrative
  • B. People's livelihood
  • C. Innovation
  • D. Drive consumption

A, B, C


Question 7

The main product of the power industry transfer product/solution ()

  • A. MSTP scene main push OSN7500/OSN1800
  • B. OTN scene main push OSN9800 M24
  • C. Main push of distribution network OLT products MA5800 series
  • D. T8010 is the main push for the clock scene;

A, B, C, D


Question 8

The characteristics of power relay intelligent protection include ()

  • A. Rerouting can be triggered based on low-level alarms
  • B. Can carry relay protection business;
  • C. Can meet the differential protection business For transmission channel delay, business Interruption time and two-way routing one The request
  • D. Number of 2M ASON services opened Only limited network bandwidth

A, B, C, D


Question 9

What are the networking characteristics of the OTN backbone network in the power industry? ()

  • A. A large number of single-wave 10G network construction, single-wave 100G has no large-scale application
  • B. Basically all national and provincial officials are built The design is complete, the city has no regulations Model building
  • C. Single-wave 10G scenarios are commonly used Station-by-station electrical relay construction
  • D. The OTN backbone network of prefectures and cities begins to test Consider using single-wave 100G construction II flat

A, B, C, D


Question 10

What level does the OTN backbone network of the power industry cover? ()

  • A. National cadres
  • B. branch provincial
  • C. cadres few
  • D. prefectures and cities

A, C, D

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