Huawei h13-531 practice test

HCIE-Cloud Computing (Written) V2.0 Exam

Question 1

About the description of the FusionSphere OpenStack Cinder module, which is correct (Multiple

  • A. when FusionSphere OpenStack and VRM do storage resources docking, it must be done through the VRM control transfer.
  • B. FusionSphere OpenStack and KVM Virtualization Environments FusionStorage storage resource docking must be through FusionStorage Manager to control and switch
  • C. When FusionSphere OpenStack and VMware do storage resources docking; it must be through vCenter Server to control and transfer.
  • D. The FusionSphere OpenStack Cinder module supports stateful expansion.



Question 2

About the customization capabilities that Huawei Data Center Unified Management ManageOne OC
Operation and maintenance center provides, which description is correct? (Multiple choice)

  • A. OC heterogeneous management system access capabilities support customizes and develop the South API according to the project requirement.
  • B. Provide process customization
  • C. OC provides a North API to support the ability to interact with the OpenStack API
  • D. Support page integration



Question 3

In the FusionCompute, exporting the template to the shared directory fails, which of the following is
recommended to repair the fault? (Multiple choice)

  • A. Make sure the network connection is OK
  • B. Confirm that FusionCompute is able to read and write shared directories
  • C. Make sure there is enough space in the shared directory
  • D. Restart FusionCompute



Question 4

In Huawei cloud data center solutions, what are the network modes that VPC supports?

  • A. Directly connected networks
  • B. Routing network
  • C. Internal network
  • D. Expand the network



Question 5

About FusionSphere OpenStack Neutron Network Docking KVM Virtualization Environment
Description, which is right? (Multiple choice)

  • A. FusionSphere OpenStack Neutron Network Docking KVM requires the deployment of neutron- open-itch- agent on the compute nodes to realize L2 forwarding.
  • B. FusionSphere OpenStack Neutron Network Docking KVM Deploys DHCP services on network nodes.
  • C. FusionSphere OpenStack Neutron Network Docking KVM supports both VLAN and VxLAN- type networks.
  • D. FusionSphere OpenStack Neutron Network Docking KVM supports SRIOV NICs.



Question 6

Which of the following description on the FusionAccess virtual machine release is wrong?

  • A. The virtual machine is issued according to the template for cloning, and then modifies the personalized data and associated users.
  • B. ITA components are responsible for the process of virtual machine distribution.
  • C. Before releasing virtual machines, you need to install and configure the FusionCompute and FusionAccess environment, to make the to-be-published virtual machine type template, and then to be released.
  • D. With the same footprint, the the released speed of the first linked-clone virtual machine is much faster than a full replicated virtual machine.



Question 7

In Huawei FusionSphere OpenStack, Cinder and Swift components can provide back-end storage, the
following description about the two, which is wrong? (Multiple choice)

  • A. Cinder is a block storage that provides the VM with a virtual disk that satisfies the VM requirement on disk.
  • B. Cinder stores static data. Give priority to IO in a large order.
  • C. Swift is the object storage, mainly used to store ISO images, VM templates.
  • D. Swift stores dynamic data. Give priority to IO in a small order.



Question 8

In Huawei FusionCloud desktop cloud solution, which of the following description is wrong about the
virtual machine iCache function?

  • A. Valid only in linked-clone scenarios.
  • B. When this feature is turned on, the virtual machine will continuesly perform the operation.
  • C. Can support NAS storage.
  • D. the virtual machine that is created before openning iCache function, this feature will not automatically take effect; the virtual machine that is created after openning iCache function, it will be effective.



Question 9

In the scenario of FusionSphere cloud data center, it is recommended to adopt the active/standby
mode to deploy and provide management system reliability. (Multiple Choice)

  • A. VRM (Virtual Resource Manager)
  • B. ADC (Meta Data Controller)
  • C. FSM (FusionStorage Manager)
  • D. MangeOne SC (Service Center)& OC (Operation Center)



Question 10

In Huawei desktop cloud application virtualization solution, the shared desktop is based on the
Windows Server 2012 R2 version's RDS service to publish applications. Control and manage the
application centrally in the Windows Server. Provide users remote applications service at any time,
anywhere. The end-user does not need to install the application, but still can use the application

  • A. True
  • B. False


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