HP hpe0-s58 practice test

Implementing HPE Composable Infrastructure Solutions Exam

Question 1

Which storage solution can be used for volume provisioning using HPE Composer?

  • A. HPE XP7 Storage
  • B. HPE Nimble Storage
  • C. HPE MSA 2040
  • D. HPE StoreEasy 1560



Question 2

An integrator is validating an HPE Synergy solution design for a customer that has the
following requirements:
20 half-height compute modules
2x 20Gb connectivity to each compute module
single fabric domain for LAN and SAN connectivity
single management network for managing the solution
no single point of failure
The compute modules boot from a 3PAR array connected to the Synergy Interconnect
modules through a pair of Brocade Fibre Channel switches.
Which components must be part of the solution? (Choose two.)

  • A. four HPE Synergy FC SE 40Gb F8 modules
  • B. two HPE Synergy Composes
  • C. two Frame Link Modules in each HPE Synergy 12000 Frame
  • D. two HPE Synergy Image Streamers
  • E. redundant Frame Link Module Front Panel



Question 3

An integrator is performing an initial Synergy setup.
How should the integrator initiate the hardware discovery?

  • A. Connect a Serial cable to the front panel, and open a session to the console
  • B. Plug in the SUVi cable for the blade server, and attach a monitor
  • C. Open a browser, and select Discover in the HPE Synergy Console
  • D. Attach a display and a keyboard to the front panel, and click connect




Question 4

A customer wants to boot Synergy compute nodes from external LUN located on HPE MSA
2050 SAN Storage.
What should an integrator consider when implementing this configuration?

  • A. Using HPE Composer, only volumes up to 4TB can be created on the MSA2050
  • B. Additional integration license must be purchased for the MSA2050 and Synergy platforms
  • C. Automated zoning functionality cannot be used, as MSA2050 is not supported in HPE Composer
  • D. MSA2050 must be imported first to the HPE Composer before volume presentation can be done



Question 5

How can an integrator increase the efficiency with which a Synergy solution can be
provisioned? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use a Multimodule Link Aggregation Group (MLAG) to automate link failover
  • B. Use Composer as a PXE server to automate OS deployments
  • C. Enable all the compute nodes to boot from SD card in a server profile
  • D. Implement Image Streamer to provide a stateless OS environment
  • E. Use Powershell to automate configuration and application of server profiles



Question 6

A customer wants to remove nodes from an existing ESXi cluster using the HPE OneView
for vCenter Server.
What must be done before this functionality can be used?

  • A. The cluster must be imported to HPE OneView
  • B. An additional VMkernel port must be created for OneView integration
  • C. All local datastores must be disconnected or removed from the other cluster nodes
  • D. At least one node of the cluster must be placed in the maintenance mode



Question 7

A customers Synergy configuration requires HPE Synergy 12Gb SAS Connection Modules
in interconnect module bays 1 and 4, and HPE Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 modules for
HPE Synergy ICMs in interconnect module bays 2 and 5.
What must the integrator verify in the HPE Synergy 480 Gen10 Compute Module
configuration to validate this solution configuration? (Choose two.)

  • A. SAS controllers have HPE Compute Module Smart Array P542D SAS Cables
  • B. Both processor slots are populated
  • C. HPE Synergy 2820C 10Gb Converged Network Adapter is in Mezzanine 2
  • D. A minimum of 128Gb of RAM is on each server
  • E. HPE Smart Array P542D/2GB FBWC 12Gb Mezzanine SAS Controller is in Mezzanine 3



Question 8

An integrator needs to set up three Synergy Frames. All three frames are equipped with two
HPE Synergy Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 modules.
How many frames must the integrator select in the Enclosure Group?


02 frame
link modules



Question 9

An integrator is performing initial configuration of three-frame Synergy solution with HPE
Image Streamer.
Which networks must be created for this configuration? (Choose two.)

  • A. management
  • B. data
  • C. console
  • D. deployment
  • E. internal



Question 10

An integrator needs to configure zoned SAS drives from the HPE Synergy D3940 storage
module for an HPE SY 480 Gen9 compute module for a new application.
Click where the integrator should perform the configuration.


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