Fortinet nse5-faz-6-4 practice test

Fortinet NSE 5 - FortiAnalyzer 6.4 Exam

Question 1

What does the disk status Degraded mean for RAID management?

  • A. One or more drives are missing from the FortiAnalyzer unit. The drive is no longer available to the operating system.
  • B. The FortiAnalyzer device is writing to all the hard drives on the device in order to make the array fault tolerant.
  • C. The FortiAnalyzer device is writing data to a newly added hard drive in order to restore the hard drive to an optimal state.
  • D. The hard drive Is no longer being used by the RAID controller



Question 2

Which two statements are true regarding fabric connectors? (Choose two.)

  • A. Configuring fabric connectors to send notification to ITSM platform upon incident creation Is more efficient than third-party information from the FortiAnalyzer API.
  • B. Fabric connectors allow to save storage costs and improve redundancy.
  • C. Storage connector service does not require a separate license to send logs to cloud platform.
  • D. Cloud-Out connections allow you to send real-time logs to pubic cloud accounts like Amazon S3, Azure Blob , and Google Cloud.

A, D


Question 3

Which two statement are true regardless initial Logs sync and Log Data Sync for Ha on FortiAnalyzer?

  • A. By default, Log Data Sync is disabled on all backup devise.
  • B. Log Data Sync provides real-time log synchronization to all backup devices.
  • C. With initial Logs Sync, when you add a unit to an HA cluster, the primary device synchronizes its logs with the backup device.
  • D. When Logs Data Sync is turned on, the backup device will reboot and then rebuilt the log database with the synchronized logs.

C, D


Question 4

Refer to the exhibit.

What is the purpose of using the Chart Builder feature on FortiAnalyzer?

  • A. In Log View, this feature allows you to build a dataset and chart automatically, based on the filtered search results.
  • B. In Log View, this feature allows you to build a chart and chart automatically, on the top 100 log entries.
  • C. This feature allows you to build a chart under FortiView.
  • D. You can add charts to generated reports using this feature.



Question 5

What is Log Insert Lag Time on FortiAnalyzer?

  • A. The number of times in the logs where end users experienced slowness while accessing resources.
  • B. The amount of lag time that occurs when the administrator is rebuilding the ADOM database.
  • C. The amount of time that passes between the time a log was received and when it was indexed on FortiAnalyzer.
  • D. The amount of time FortiAnalyzer takes to receive logs from a registered device



Question 6

What are analytics logs on FortiAnalyzer?

  • A. Log type Traffic logs.
  • B. Logs that roll over when the log file reaches a specific size.
  • C. Logs that are indexed and stored in the SQL.
  • D. Raw logs that are compressed and saved to a log file.



Question 7

Which two statements express the advantages of grouping similar reports? (Choose two.)

  • A. Improve report completion time.
  • B. Conserve disk space on FortiAnalyzer by grouping multiple similar reports.
  • C. Reduce the number of hcache tables and improve auto-hcache completion time.
  • D. Provides a better summary of reports.

A, C


Question 8

An administrator fortinet, is able to view logs and perform device management tasks, such as adding
and removing registered devices. However, administrator fortinet is not able to create a mall server
that can be used to send email.
What could be the problem?

  • A. Fortinet is assigned the Standard_ User administrator profile.
  • B. A trusted host is configured.
  • C. ADOM mode is configured with Advanced mode.
  • D. Fortinet is assigned the Restricted_ User administrator profile.



Question 9

What can you do on FortiAnalyzer to restrict administrative access from specific locations?

  • A. Configure trusted hosts for that administrator.
  • B. Enable geo-location services on accessible interface.
  • C. Configure two-factor authentication with a remote RADIUS server.
  • D. Configure an ADOM for respective location.




Question 10

In Log View, you can use the Chart Builder feature to build a dataset and chart based on the filtered
search results.
Similarly, which feature you can use for FortiView?

  • A. Export to Report Chart
  • B. Export to PDF
  • C. Export to Chart Builder
  • D. Export to Custom Chart



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