Cisco 200-301 Exam

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) study guide

Whats new in the CCNA 200-301 Certification?

The Cisco CCNA 200-301 certification validates a candidate's ability to configure, install, and run a network that is small to large in size. This certification evaluates a candidate's knowledge in the areas of network basics, network access, IP services, IP connection, security basic concepts, automation, and programmability. Obtaining this certification will increase your understanding and skill of the fundamental principles behind Cisco networking. Earning a CCNA certification can allow you to move up the corporate ladder more quickly than your colleagues if you are able to achieve this qualification.
To validate these skills, you will need to earn a passing score on the Cisco 200-301 exam. The duration of this test is one hour and twenty minutes, depending on the number of questions included, and it can be taken in either English or Japanese.

A CCNA Certification will make your CV stand out

You are aware that simply having a degree is not enough to convince potential employers that you have the necessary technical abilities, and this is something that companies want to see. However, if you add the Cisco CCNA certification to your CV, potential employers will be able to verify that you have the necessary hands-on experience and you will be set out from the other applicants. since of this recognized qualification, companies are more likely to want to hire you since they recognize that an intelligent individual such as yourself will assist their company in achieving the greatest potential results.

Is CCNA 200-301 for beginners? 

Because this is an introductory course on networks, you do not need any prior expertise to participate. The training modules offer material ranging from elementary to advanced level for those who are interested. 

How long does it take to study for the CCNA 200-301 exam? 

When studying for the CCNA 200-301, inexperienced students who have no previous work experience will probably need more than five months, but network administrators or system administrators who have some experience  may probably pass the exam in less than three months.

How much does the CCNA 200-301 certification will cost me? 

As of today the the certification will cost around 300$ just to enroll for the exam. we ofcourse promote self study by youtube videos and doing our practice exams and not to add any more expensive courses. 

Can You Get a Job With Just a CCNA 200-301 Certification?

If you only have the 200-301 CCNA certification, many companies would hire you for a entry-level  IT or cyber security position. However, your chances of getting recruited significantly increase if you have  technical experience and other certifications, or of you have some experience customer tech support.