Adobe ad0-e313 practice test

Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Professional Exam

Question 1

A diem warns to ensure that only properly formatted data is added to the database.
What techniques and configurations could be used in this effort? Choose the two correct answers.

  • A. visibleif settings in the target schema
  • B. applying typology rules during the import workflow
  • C. sysfilter settings added to input form fields
  • D. data type settings in the file Loading activity
  • E. data policy settings in the target schema

B, D


Question 2

A-Bar Enterprise; has a marketing workflow which incorporates Push notifications. User IDs are now
changing to the hashed values of the previously used ID. Each recipient already has this unique
hashed value stored in a field in the Recipient table.
Mobile app subscriptions are still registering correctly in Adobe Campaign, but the workflow no
longer knows which recipient is linked to each User ID.
Assuming everything outside of Adobe Campaign has been configured correctly, what must the
developer do to regime tending Push notification?

  • A. Extend the Subscriber Applications schema, linking the hashed customer ID in the Recipient schema.
  • B. Reconfigure the External Account to update how each mobile user is Identified as a recipient now using the hashed customer ID as the identifier.
  • C. Decommission the previously set-up mobile application configuration in Adobe Campaign, and create a new one with the new integration key.
  • D. Update the mobile application configuration in Adobe Campaign with the new integration key.



Question 3

Which file formats are recommended lo use in the 'Data Loading (file)* activity? Choose the two
correct answers.

  • A. .doc
  • B. .txt
  • C. .html
  • D. .xml
  • E. .csv

B, E


Question 4

What is the correct way to define enumeration?




  • A. Option A
  • B. Option B
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option D



Question 5

How would a developer best describe the limitations of the Adobe Campaign Interaction module?

  • A. Offers have to be reapproved after any change lo rules or content
  • B. Interaction can be used only for outbound marketing activities
  • C. The Offer catalog can support only S12 Offers as a
  • D. Only one Offer Category can be used in a delivery



Question 6

In the picture of a workflow provided, what is the current state of workflow?

  • A. Start
  • B. Restart
  • C. Paused
  • D. Stop



Question 7

A developer is building a campaign that will notify customers of quarterly discounts. The same
workflow will be re-used once each quarter with the same (dynamic) delivery content. The manager
wants to have separated tracking logs and reports for each quarter's communications so that the
seasonality of interactivity can be easily compared.
Which is the best activity to use fc the delivery in question?

  • A. SMS delivery
  • B. Recurring delivery
  • C. Email delivery
  • D. Continuous delivery



Question 8

Which two attributes need to be configured in order to create an External Account of type 5FTP?
Choose the two correct answers.

  • A. Access Key
  • B. Encryption
  • C. Server
  • D. Account
  • E. Channel

A, B


Question 9

Client A would like the developer to create an Import workflow tor updating recipients. Each
recipient row contains a flag which corresponds with add, delete or update the recipient
What are the five most common activities used for this type of workflow?

  • A. Data loading. Deduplication. Update data Query. Data transform
  • B. Enrichment Split. Deduplication Update data. Deployment
  • C. Data loading. Enrichment Split Deduplication. Update data
  • D. Data loading. Enrichment Split Deduplication Change Dimension



Question 10

A travel newsletter subscription service has been configured. The default unsubscribe web
application can be used to unsubscribe subscribers from the service. Which parameter should the
developer add into the web application URL to modify the subscriber status?

  • A. _webapp
  • B. _subsciibe
  • C. _optout
  • D. _service


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